9 Reasons You Shouldn't Take Summer Classes And Save Yourself From Stress

9 Reasons You Shouldn't Take Summer Classes And Save Yourself From Stress

If you can avoid them, don't pass up the opportunity.

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I took two classes (four credit hours) during the summer between my freshman and sophomore year and I didn't think I was going to have to suffer through anymore. Unfortunately, I chose criminology as my minor which has classes that are extremely difficult to get into during the normal school year.

After taking a class that I actually didn't need because I failed to realize it didn't count towards my minor, I decided it would make my life easier to just finish out my minor over the summer. Although it was definitely easier to get into classes, taking three classes in six weeks is not the way to go. Here are some of the reasons why.

Too short

Given that summer classes are only six weeks long, there isn't enough time to fully digest all of the information and material thrown at us to gain a deeper understanding than just what we need to remember for the test.

Lots of homework

Since you're taking accelerated classes, you finish one assignment just to start working on another one. It gets old pretty fast.


Construction always takes place over the summer and the number of roads blocked off makes driving around campus nearly impossible. It doesn't increase the desire to go to class.

Classes everyday

Instead of being able to stack classes on certain days to ensure you have some free days, summer classes are literally everyday which tends to take a toll.

Unbearable heat

By the end of the summer, you will be dripping with sweat walking from your car to the classroom and God forbid you have to walk across campus.

No days off

Even though you don't have class on weekends, those days will be spent catching up or getting ahead on assignments and studying.

Weekly exams

Rather than taking one or two exams a month, you have multiple exams in a week and potentially, multiple in a day.

No social life

Due to the amount of work required, you don't have a lot of time to do activities you enjoy or hangout with friends without falling behind.

Excessive stress

They make you want to rip out your hair and throw your phone across the room.

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