Why You Shouldn't Make Friends In College

Why You Shouldn't Make Friends In College

Don't do it. Worst idea EVER!

I bet you are wondering, "What on earth is this girl thinking?" Well, I'm thinking, you definitely should make friends in college. I got you, didn't I? Friends in college are easily one of the best parts in college. I love my friends back home, but the friends I have made here, at the University of Minnesota, have already helped me create numerous memories in a matter of a few weeks. So here are some reasons "NOT" to make friends in college.

Laughing sucks.

Why would I want to laugh? To bring happiness into my life? Distract from the fact that I have 60 pages of psych to read in and no motivation to do so? Homesick? All times I needed a good laugh, and I am so thankful for my new friends.

Study partners? No way.

Sometimes your room stresses you out and you decide that your friend down the hall has such a better atmosphere for putting in work. Sometimes you need a group to force your way to the library on a Saturday afternoon to pick away at your management homework.

De-stress? Not a chance.

Friday night movie night? Exploring campus on a Tuesday afternoon? Do these sound like fun to you? They sound like quite a good outlet for me.

Dinner pals? No thank you.

Going to the dining hall alone can suck. Especially when you get stuck somewhere then your typical dining hall. Friends make it easier. Most likely schedules align and you find friends with the same classes as you or where you need to meet to get a quick bite in. Thank God for friends, am I right?

Fun adventures? No, I'll stick to studying for hours on end on a Saturday.

I don't know about you, but studying all day, every day would probably get you ahead in your classes, but will emotionally and physically drain you. You need a quick break; you need time to yourself. You are able to make memories, and really, that is a big part of college. MAKING MEMORIES!

Free insomnia cookie? No, I hate cookies and really everything that has to do with happiness.

I don't know if this is just a rarity for my friend group, but we have had at least two random instances where one of our friend's parents sends a huge insomnia cookie order to their dorm. And of course, like good friends do, they share their cookies with us. I don't know about you, but a soft, warm, ooey-gooey cookie hits the spot now and then. And even, some friends get special home-baked treats sent to their dorm. PUPPY CHOW!

Travel companions? I'd prefer to walk alone.

Walking through a big campus, especially at night can be terrifying. I am a small town girl, and luckily I made some. big city friends to help me navigate my way through the massive campus of the University of Minnesota. Plus, you get conversations and your mind taken off the fact that you are on your way to a long day of classes.

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5 Perks Of Having A Long-Distance Best Friend

The best kind of long-distance relationship.

Sometimes, people get annoyed when girls refer to multiple people as their "best friend," but they don't understand. We have different types of best friends. There's the going out together best friend, the see each other everyday best friend and the constant, low maintenance best friend.

While I'm lucky enough to have two out of the three at the same school as me, my "low maintenance" best friend goes to college six hours from Baton Rouge.

This type of friend is special because no matter how long you go without talking or seeing each other, you're always insanely close. Even though I miss her daily, having a long-distance best friend has its perks. Here are just a few of them...

1. Getting to see each other is a special event.

Sometimes when you see someone all the time, you take that person and their friendship for granted. When you don't get to see one of your favorite people very often, the times when you're together are truly appreciated.

2. You always have someone to give unbiased advice.

This person knows you best, but they probably don't know the people you're telling them about, so they can give you better advice than anyone else.

3. You always have someone to text and FaceTime.

While there may be hundreds of miles between you, they're also just a phone call away. You know they'll always be there for you even when they can't physically be there.

4. You can plan fun trips to visit each other.

When you can visit each other, you get to meet the people you've heard so much about and experience all the places they love. You get to have your own college experience and, sometimes, theirs, too.

5. You know they will always be a part of your life.

If you can survive going to school in different states, you've both proven that your friendship will last forever. You both care enough to make time for the other in the midst of exams, social events, and homework.

The long-distance best friend is a forever friend. While I wish I could see mine more, I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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My Boyfriend Has A Girl Best Friend, And That's More Than OK

I know the boyfriend with a girl best friend stigma is scary, but I promise they aren't all like that.


Ah yes, you start seeing this guy and he's super incredible. He's everything you could've ever hoped for and more. He's sweet to you and your family, he's loving (bonus, he's also super cute). Nothing could take away this incredible feeling.

Then he tells you his best friend is a girl.

I can't lie, it always rubs me the wrong way too, at first. I've been in a relationship where I was seeing a guy who had a girl best friend. And despite better judgement, I let it slide. Only for him and I to stop dating and he start dating her a month later.


But I can promise you, it isn't always like that. Is it scary to think about? Of course. When my current boyfriend had told me I was going to meet his girl best friend, I wasn't thrilled about it. As sweet and nice as she was when I met her, I still wasn't thrilled about it. We had just started dating, so I hadn't yet gotten over those insecurities yet.

Questions ran threw my head. Had they ever had feelings for each other? Do they have feelings for each other and just won't act on them for the sake of their friendship? I couldn't seem to get my head to stop.

Until I started to talk to her more.

When I tell you, the best thing you can do in ANY relationship, is become friends with their best friend. They know everything about your significant other. The good, the bad and everything in between. You'll learn more about your boyfriend/girlfriend from their family and best friend than you will from them. You see a different side of them when they're with them.

To say I was apprehensive at first is probably an understatement. It didn't help that I had this awful gut feeling that she hated me. (BTDubstep, her and I are best friends now). But, after letting go of those insecurities and getting to know her, I realized that there was no form of intimacy or flirtatiousness between them at all. I had no worries because I trusted both of them.

She actually lives with him and his other brother. People always laugh at me when I tell them that because they think the stereotype and assume they have a thing. I love my boyfriend, I trust my boyfriend. I love his(and no mine) best friend, I trust her. There's nothing we don't share with one another because all 3 of us are very open with communication.

Just because your significant other is best friends with someone of the opposite sex, doesn't mean they're in love with them, or that they are trying to sleep with them.

Take the shot, the worst that happens is they do have a thing and you break up. If that's the case, they aren't right for you anyway. But take the shot, you might even gain yourself another best friend.

I know I did.

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