Don't Lose Sight Of Your Dreams Just Because You’ve Achieved Them

Don't Lose Sight Of Your Dreams Just Because You’ve Achieved Them

It's easy to fall into.


Having big dreams allows you to live in this fantasy of what life would look like if you achieved them. What no one tells you is achieving them doesn't mean that life stops. Life tends to go on no matter what dreams you achieve.

That being said it's easy to lose focus once you've gotten to where you want to be. You got into your dream school, were hired at your dream job, traveled to countries you've only ever heard of, and still, life hasn't stopped. It's just followed you wherever you've gone and sometimes it can get in the way of feeling the way you did when you received the acceptance letter to your dream college or booked the plane ticket to Paris.

In order to keep making new dreams and keep the same appreciation for achieving the ones you have, you need to sometimes be able to take a step outside of yourself. Occasionally at USC, I'm walking through campus and I'm so stuck in my head about the stresses and negatives that are going on in my life. But whenever that happens I take a second and I look around me and I remember the me I was three years ago going on a tour through my dream school. Walking in that big group of prospective students I could only see the positives. So when I'm bogged down about certain things going on in my life I remember that even though I've achieved getting into my dream school the dream's not over. I'm constantly living it.

Something that I and many others tend to forget is just because you're stressed about your relationship, classes, or just life, in general, doesn't mean the dream stops. If you lose sight of what you've worked tirelessly for, even for a second, refocus your perspective and your priorities and go from there.

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Always Know Your Own Worth, Then Add Tax

I told myself that I wouldn't let myself "settle" for anything less than the future I have portrayed for myself.


As a girl who has been hurt time after time throughout countless breakups, I've searched for someone who not only values me, but values my character, morals, and so much more. I told myself when my last break-up ended, that I would never "settle" for anyone else that didn't value me and my life, nor would I just "settle" with someone for anything other than who they were as a person.

Not to sound low, but of course there are other factors to a relationship other than the character of the two partners. These factors could be things such as things such as a vehicle, job, etc. Not the actual materialistic things like what kind of car, or what kind of job, but just the fact in itself of having a car and/or job, or things of that nature. Not that I wouldn't not be with someone because of whether or not they had a car or job, but that would be a pretty big factor in a relationship, as I would want my partner to be just as successful and I want myself to be. Therefore, I told myself that I wouldn't let myself "settle" for anything less than the future I have portrayed for myself.

As I searched for someone who would value me as much as I value myself, I finally found someone who could. I found someone who can love me for who I am, despite all the trials, tribulations, and hardships that God has put me through. I found someone who can deal with me and love me despite how broken I am from the ex-boyfriends that have mistreated me.

I finally found someone that has been sent to me through the eyes of God for a reason. I have prayed and prayed for someone like the man I have found, and God finally sent me in the right direction to one of the greatest blessings I have ever received, and for that, I am forever thankful.

Ladies — and gentlemen too — I cannot stress or reiterate how important and vital it is to find someone who is good for you, knows how to love you, and treats you the way that you deserved to be treated. It is so crucial to find someone who values you and everything that you have to offer and to always remember to never settle for anything less than what you deserve. Always remember to know your self worth because you don't deserve anything less.

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