Up until my senior year of high school, which seems like forever ago now, I always cared about Black History Month.

I always thought it was interesting and exciting to get to learn about all the people of African descent, who have had a lasting impact on the country and even the world. During my senior year though, I took an African-American history class and it completely changed my perspective on things. Don't get me wrong, I am PROUD to be half African-American, and I embrace it to the fullest, but that entire class taught me that black history is American history. But its more than just American history it's WORLD history too!!

So, if black history is just history in general, why do we only really talk about it during the month of February?

It just seems strange to me that the only time we really hear about black people who have, and are currently, doing amazing things for the greater good during the shortest month of the year.

Also, why is there a black history month and there's no Asian history month? Or Latino history month? What makes black people so different from other minority race groups? Or just other people in general?

Let me tell you, and hear me out on this, nothing.

Now nothing might seem harsh, because of the entire slave trade, the civil rights movement, how black people are still discriminated against and everything else in between. BUT so were, and still are today, other minority groups, whether it's race, religion or something else. Every single group has its own struggles, some way more intense and way more serious than others, but still, none the less every group has faced some challenges and difficulties along the way.

But anyway, back to the point, why do we only talk about it the incredible things people who are African are doing one month of the entire year when the past history impacts the entire world? And the people who are African and doing incredible things now will have a future impact on the entire world. Why don't we talk about black history ALL the time? Why isn't it incorporated into our history books more? Why don't we talk about all the other minority groups and all the great things that they're doing more often?

The idea to me that the only time that we get to hear about black history during 28 short days is mind-blowing to me. I want to have black history all the time because it has been around since the beginning of time. But I don't just want black history, I want ALL history! We as an entire world, from every country, should be learning about each others history's and how the impacted or is currently impacting us. We should get rid of the generic history and start branching off to expand our knowledge and open up our minds more.

If everyone did this, think about how much we could learn and what we could do with what we've learned. Think about how much you don't know about other groups history? Now think about much people don't know about yours? I personally believe that it was interesting to learn more than just what's in our textbooks and that we all need to dig a little deeper and branch off of what is taught to us.

While yes the concept of Black History Month is great, and the fact that people get to learn about it is great...but history is history is history and it should be talked about A LOT more than it currently is.

So let's get rid of this stigma that we can only celebrate and be proud of black history during February. Let's celebrate, and be proud of it all the time from now on. And while we're at it, let's include all the other minority groups as well. Because let's be real Mexicans are NOT being treated and talked about the way they should be right now and a huge part of that comes from President Donald Trump...

We should be teaching and learning everyone's and all history, all the time, and maybe the world will be a more understanding place.