I Don't Dress To Impress You, I Dress For Myself

I Don't Dress To Impress You, I Dress For Myself

I never think to myself "what would *insert name here* want me to wear?"


When I’m deciding what to wear every morning, a couple things come to mind: how much time I have before class, how long I’ll be out that day, how clean I am and how clean my clothes are, and how confident I’m feeling.

Confidence is the biggest factor, though. If I’m feeling like the hottest girl on campus, chances are I’m going to wear a nicer outfit.

Why? Because I want to put more effort in so I look how my mind feels.

On the other hand, if I’m not feeling well, got up late, or would rather curl up in a ball than go outside, I’m going to default to my super comfy sweats. There are also days where my most confident self is in baggy sweatpants and a ponytail because I feel confident when I’m comfortable.

Thoughts that never come to mind are ‘what would * insert name here * want me to wear?’ or ‘what makeup would impress * insert name here *?’. I’m sorry that I’m so selfish, but you aren’t my first thought in the morning. I am. I absolutely hate being asked who I wore something for or who I am meeting because apparently, I can’t wear lipstick to just hang out with my friends.

This is a real problem in our society. Imagine deciding what prom dress you were going to wear based on what suit your date will wear. Um… No, thank you.

I’m going to wear a dress that makes me feel and look like a princess.

It can take a lot for a woman to feel confident enough to wear a different colored lipstick or an outfit that is a little more form-fitting. Getting butterflies in your stomach just by looking in the mirror and thinking that the extremely attractive person in the mirror is YOU. What happens once you leave your room, though? The questions.

You probably know the exact ones I’m talking about.

"Do you have a date tonight? With who?"

"Was it worth taking all of that time because you were almost late to class."

Well, guess what? It is worth it. Think about how amazing it is to look at yourself in the mirror and see value.

I know that there are plenty of hella confident women out there who know that they are goddesses all the time, no matter what they wear.

But for those of us who aren’t, it can be extremely damaging to feel questioned and judged when you finally decide to do something for yourself. When it happens to me, I feel crushed and disappointed. I would much rather hear that my eyeliner looks amazing than being questioned about why I bothered to do it in the first place.

I’ll tell you right now that if you are berating or gossiping other women for wearing clothing that you would never wear, stop yourself and just don’t do it. Would you want to hear what they say about you? No, and I’m betting that whoever you are talking about doesn’t want to hear it either.

Never let anyone decide what you are to wear or what makeup you are allowed to put on. In the end, their opinions shouldn’t matter. Never wear something to get someone’s attention, those aren’t the people you want anyway. Your clothes will change, but your personality is who you are and who they should love you for.
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