To The Girl Who Changed At College, Before Going Home For The Summer
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To The Girl Who Changed At College, Before She Goes Back Home For The Summer

Change can be a good thing, so do not reverse the progress.

To The Girl Who Changed At College, Before She Goes Back Home For The Summer

It is inevitable, being in college will change you, good or bad. Since leaving home you probably have noticed this growth in maturity, or even in your academic life. Maybe you found a new hobby, or you have finally realized what you wanted for yourself in life instead of what others wanted for you. Moving away from home and breaking free of what defined your past is such a liberating feeling sometimes

Personally, the amount of growth that I have had from August to May is crazy, I wouldn't even say that I am the same person in certain aspects.

Sure, I still have an outgoing personality and I can still have a crazy good time with my life, but how and when I do it is what has changed in me. I have become more academically driven and relationships and friendships have become better because of the golden rule (treat others the way you want to be treated.) I have found the things that really have mattered in my life: academics, friends, family, and my personal relationship with God.

In order to have found what is important, I had to find what makes me happy before I could please anyone else.

Now with finals either already over or just about to be starting you may be getting excited to go home, but you might also be anxious about what your friends and family might have to say about the change that you have endured and gone through. I know for myself that I have changed in a positive way but others in my life back at home might not like it. What you were when you left and what you have become will definitely change peoples perspectives about you positive or negative.

You CANNOT under any circumstances change and go back to the person you were.

You have made this much progress that turning back around will reverse all the hard work you have made for yourself. You may get tempted into some peer pressure, or even get guilt tripped by others but always remember and ask yourself if YOU actually want to do something like this. You may also have a few "falling outs" with some friends that you had before you left for college, that as well cannot destroy you either. Even though being at home is nice and familiar, you now spend the majority of your time at this new place you call home, you established yourself in your new home and found your niche. Living a Hannah Montana life will not work, you will wear yourself out and you mentally won't be able to keep up with it.

Being your true "new" authentic self to people is what will make you happy at the end of the day.

As a person who has also changed with you, I want to say how proud I am of you for changing your lifestyle, personality, and outlook on life. The amount of success that you will have with this new outlook and change is never ending! Go home and be a light and a witness to others who maybe are stuck in their ways or maybe haven't changed for the better. It is going to be hard, but with a good attitude, morals, and faith you will be prepared to overcome all obstacles and showcase the new person you have become!

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