To The Girls Who Argue About What Is Appropriate To Wear

To The Girls Who Argue About What Is Appropriate To Wear

This is school, not Project Runway.

During the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a multitude of trending articles which call attention to how women, college girls specifically, dress. I have read articles from both sides: some arguing that athletic attire such as Nike shorts should only be displayed in a gym and others defending that athletic clothes just so happens to be their preferred outfit because it's comfortable. The fight between athletic apparel and a casual/dressy style needs to end. Because as a human being, you are entitled to wear anything you want.

Why are we wasting our time criticizing other people's clothes? For the most part, we are talking about girls in college, but this is America. If you want to wear t-shirts and yoga pants everyday, why should I care? This is school, not Project Runway. I should be looking at the projector, not at your sneakers. And for the people who like to get dressed up, good for you. You need to simply understand: everyone is different. And most college students don't have or want to make time to wake up earlier than they should to "make themselves up" for only a few hours of class. So you should stop judging someone who dresses "unprofessional", in your mindset, simply because they woke up a half an hour before and quickly put together an outfit.

I feel the same way towards different fashion styles. Just because you like to dress preppy does not mean everyone around you should dress preppy. You should embrace different fashion styles, instead of judging them as inferior to yours.

I don't understand why this is so controversial. Let's stop fighting with girls who dress differently, and let's stop making articles degrading each other just because of how we dress.


An Odyssey creator who truly does not care about what you wear to class

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Bruno Mars And Cardi B Brought Back The 90s With The "Finesse" Remix And We Are THRIVING

They're straight stuntin' and we are loving it.

Those who grew up in the 90s and miss this era terribly, and for those who didn't, but wish they could've because they love the music and fashion the 90s had to offer, must be in music heaven right now!

The reason is because of the recently released remix of the song "Finesse" by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B! Bruno Mars is known for bringing back 90s sound, style, and dance in his songs and music videos. For example, in the music video of one of Mars' other popular songs, "That's What I Like," he is wearing early 90s men's R&B fashion.

The original version of "Finesse" was featured on Mars' "24K Magic" album in 2016. The original version is just as good and fun to listen to, but with Cardi B's fire rapping included in the remix makes this version the perfect 90s comeback song. Overall, it just beautifully brings back the New Jack Swing sound so many people loved during the late 80s through the 90s!

According to Billboard,"Finesse" began at No.13 on the Digital Song Sales chart with 30,000 sold in the week of Jan. 4th. The song additionally drew 8.7 million U.S. streams in the week ending Jan. 4th.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that every time after hearing this song, I have to also listen to throwback New Jack Swing songs such as "Motownphilly" by Boyz II Men, "Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe, "What About Your Friends" by TLC and more!

Not only is this song everything 90s, but so is the colorful music video. Cardi B is definitely "straight stuntin" in the video wearing ripped, high waisted denim shorts, a colorful bomber jacket, big hoop earrings, and striped tube socks while rocking a baseball cap backward to match.

Bruno Mars is also fashionably giving off 90s vibes by wearing a vertical striped shirt that, according to, is reminiscent of Corey Matthews from "Boy Meets World", along with wearing denim jeans, and gold chains.

Along with everyone dressed in hot 90s fashion, most of the dance moves were also straight out of the 90s. In the music video, Bruno Mars, Cardi B, and the backup dancers incorporate 90s dance moves such as the Running Man, The Reebok, and from what I see, a little bit of the Roger Rabbit.

Let's also not ignore the music video's background! What a great way to pay homage to the 90s sketch comedy T.V. series, "In Living Color". I bet Damon and Keenan Wayans had deja vu after watching this music video.

This song is definitely on the top of my playlist and I hope more artists will create more like it!

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Yes, I Wear Crop Tops and No, I'm Not A Slut

Slut shaming needs to die in 2017

Slut was always a word that was implied in my circles, growing up. We were good Christian kids. We didn't openly call girls in less than desired clothing sluts, but that doesn't mean we didn't interchange the words slut and immodest like the two words bared the same definitions.

"That midriff top she's wearing is awfully immodest,"

"The guys wouldn't make inappropriate comments about her if she'd just dress modestly,"

Variations of these sentences flew out of our mouths in casual conversations. At 16, I didn't know what I was doing. I was heavier than I liked, altering myself in a desperate attempt to fit an unattainable mold that was set before me, and so jealous of these girls I saw who classily bore their skin... and was comfortable.

My reasoning with this was I was still under the false pretense that if a girl "dressed modestly", or to the standards of the circles I was running around with, then men wouldn't have bad thoughts about her. I placed more weight on the male gaze then I did on a girl's control and comfort in her own body.

But I was made aware of the sick truth that a girl could be wearing jeans and a loose shirt and still be harassed by my own experience and what I learned throughout that experience is this: never again will I judge my modesty and clothing by the male gaze because honestly...

none of it matters.

Slut shaming is a trend that needs to die in 2017 because the male gaze should not define women. So what if a girl is showing off her stomach or she's wearing a tight dress? Do you realize how much confidence it takes to step out into a world knowing that people will tell you to "put some clothes on" even though their sons run around without their shirts on? Acting like showing skin is a negative character flaw for a girl is like acting like wearing the color blue is sexist of a guy.

When you slut shame, you give more power to the ones who act on inappropriate thoughts. That's why a woman is always asked how drunk they were or what they were wearing when they are sexually abused. That's why young girls are sent home from schools because "they can't focus" when a shoulder is seen and then everyone is surprised when the teacher is accused of some sexual misconduct. That's why Demi Lovato is told to put clothes on when an Instagram photo of her in a bikini is posted, yet Justin Beiber is begged to turn around when a nude of his back end is posted. That's why certain sexual pictures are kept on Instagram containing nudity, meanwhile Instagram pictures not directed at the male gaze, containing the same amount of nudity, are removed.

Ladies, this is not an all call to give the middle finger to the world and parade around naked, because I am a firm believer that there is a time and a place. However, this is a call to our world to get with the times and realize that we, as women, aren't here for your entertainment. We are not your viewing pleasure. Our lives are not about you and trying to shame us to fit your standards of who we should be is a sick waste of time.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram @ TigerMist

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