To The Girls Who Argue About What Is Appropriate To Wear

To The Girls Who Argue About What Is Appropriate To Wear

This is school, not Project Runway.

During the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a multitude of trending articles which call attention to how women, college girls specifically, dress. I have read articles from both sides: some arguing that athletic attire such as Nike shorts should only be displayed in a gym and others defending that athletic clothes just so happens to be their preferred outfit because it's comfortable. The fight between athletic apparel and a casual/dressy style needs to end. Because as a human being, you are entitled to wear anything you want.

Why are we wasting our time criticizing other people's clothes? For the most part, we are talking about girls in college, but this is America. If you want to wear t-shirts and yoga pants everyday, why should I care? This is school, not Project Runway. I should be looking at the projector, not at your sneakers. And for the people who like to get dressed up, good for you. You need to simply understand: everyone is different. And most college students don't have or want to make time to wake up earlier than they should to "make themselves up" for only a few hours of class. So you should stop judging someone who dresses "unprofessional", in your mindset, simply because they woke up a half an hour before and quickly put together an outfit.

I feel the same way towards different fashion styles. Just because you like to dress preppy does not mean everyone around you should dress preppy. You should embrace different fashion styles, instead of judging them as inferior to yours.

I don't understand why this is so controversial. Let's stop fighting with girls who dress differently, and let's stop making articles degrading each other just because of how we dress.


An Odyssey creator who truly does not care about what you wear to class

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My favorite beauty store has to be Ulta. I love how they offer both high end and drug store makeup all in one place! For the most part, my daily makeup routine is pretty simple, quick, and easy. My go-to makeup look includes my favorite products from high-end to drugstore products. I feel all these beauty products should be staples in everyone's makeup bag! I highly recommend picking up all these amazing products ASAP:

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2. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

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I have been using these products for a while now and cannot find better products to incorporate into my daily makeup routine. If you are looking for new beauty products I highly recommend giving these eight a try!

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8 Questions That Everyone With Tattoos Totally Love Being Asked

It's my body, not yours.

People with tattoos are just like everyone else, but with a permanent artistic mark on their body. Because of this, people with tattoos get looked at more and often get judged more harshly. Along with tattoos come many questions from those close to you and strangers alike. Other people with ink have an unspoken understanding of ‘tattoo etiquette,’ but those without tattoos don’t always have the best judgment when it comes to asking about tattoos.

Here are eight questions everyone with tattoos just loves to be asked:

1. "Is that real?"

No, I wake up early every morning and reapply my stick-on tattoos.

2. "Did it hurt?"

Do you really need to ask this? Yeah, some places hurt to get tattooed more than others, but when a needle repeatedly injects ink into your skin for sometimes hours on end, it isn’t going to tickle.

3. "How are you going to get a job?"

The same way everyone else gets a job. You show potential employers an amazing resumé and a great attitude.

4. "What does it mean?"

If you’re a stranger who I just met and you don’t know me well enough to know anything more about me than my name, I probably don’t feel like telling you the personal inspiration behind my tattoos.

5. "What do your parents think?"

Well, my mom went with me both times and has her own tattoos, so I’m sure she doesn’t mind what I do with MY OWN body.

6. "What about your significant other?"

Who cares? I’m sure if they didn’t like tattoos or specifically my tattoos, then they either wouldn’t date with me, which is pretty shallow, or would overlook them because they like me for who I am.

7. "What happens when you have kids?"

I’ll be a mom just like everyone who doesn’t have tattoos? It’s not like I traded maternal instinct for my tattoos. I can be a great mom who raises kids who are open-minded and know from a young age not to judge a book by its cover.

8. "Aren’t they going to look weird when you get old?"

Maybe, but the rest of my body will look just as “weird” and wrinkly, so who cares?

Cover Image Credit: Clem Onojeghuo

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