That's right. I. DO. NOT. CARE. Obviously, cheating is wrong. I feel empathy for Beyonce as a person who has been wronged, but do I really need to know about her personal life? No. During the final weeks of the semester, I basically lived in an academic cave made of books and practice problems. I ventured out only for food and the occasional walk. There was no time for surfing the web, and somehow the news reached me. That is ridiculous.

Out of all the world news headlines that could have reached me, a detail of a couple's love life infiltrates my academic hibernation. They are a couple who I will likely never meet, never interact with, or have any correspondence with. Sure, I have a couple Beyonce tracks, but do I really need to know everything about the artist's life to appreciate the music? No, I do not. Beyonce is using her platform to speak out against anti-LGBT legislation. She's shedding light on racial issues, and all the headlines go to her love life? What the heck is up with that?

I'm told that it's unbelievable because Beyonce is like a goddess. Who could ever cheat on someone so attractive? Once you've gotten to the top of the top, why stray? Of course, this is wrong on so many levels. Life and love are not hierarchies. (To further explore that idea checkout this article.) Beyonce didn't do anything to bring this on. People cheat because they want to cheat, plain and simple. Furthermore, is it so unbelievable that something like this could happen to a celebrity?

Everyone knows someone involved in a cheating scandal. Celebrities are people, nothing more than people. They are not invincible, so why do we pretend they are? It's like we think there is some innate power in being known, and so everyone flocks together towards the same sheep. It happens even when they're just a sheep, same as the rest. What happens once everyone is there? They watch the lead sheep, like a stalker. They learn about their lives, their favorite foods. They memorize countless details that are only relevant in brief conversations with other followers. Does it sound like a logical, healthy thing? No. It's weird.

It's weird that we elect people to be the center of everyone's attention. It's beyond weird that we obsess over strangers, devoting part of our lives to following theirs. I have met more than one girl who told me her goal in life is to be Kim Kardashian. Well, guess what? There already is a Kim Kardashian. The position is filled. It is depressing to think that people will spend their entire life jumping through hoops just so people know their name. Young women will throw away their individuality to mimic someone else, in hopes of getting more people to look at them.

Of course, there is the fact that most celebrity gossip is just speculation. The characters built up by the media may be just that, characters. The real people behind it all might be totally different from what the public knows. What ever happened to having real role models? Couldn't all of this attention be better focused? If the general public insists on 'following' someone, why not focus on real accomplishments? The entire enterprise of tabloids and who said what is not only frivolous, it's fake.

No. I don't care to know celebrity news, and that includes anything about Jay Z's infidelity.