Don't Be Scared Of Change *Cough Cough* Graduates

With graduation upon us, change is inevitable. We are all off to new and different things. It can be hard to step outside our zone of comfort after making ourselves at home during our years at Mississippi State. I have found comfort in so many things--late night talk with friends, frisbee tournaments, my major, football games--and it's sad to have to step away from all of that. I like to think as soon as I feel comfortable somewhere, God wants to take me somewhere else. And although letting go is difficult, I've learned time and time again that change can only help me grow.

Recently, I have found myself focusing on my fears of the future instead of my excitement toward it. I think "what if I don't make friends" or "what if grad school drives me crazy" or "how am I supposed to pay for everything." I have to remind myself to be excited about the great things to come. To embrace change as a challenge that will mold me into the person I'm meant to be. I have to think about all the new amazing friends I'll make and all the novel things I'll learn. So here is a reminder not to be scared of the future, because no matter what, it will help us grow into a better version of ourselves.

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