Hey everyone, it feels great to be back in the groove of things. I hope you guys are doing well and getting back on your regular routines as I am trying to successfully make a new one myself! Every semester in college is completely different so at the beginning of each term, I am always trying to figure out a regular routine to go by. With that being said, this comes with exhaustion. Swinging back into the grove can be so tiring especially for my condition (Ulcerative colitis).

But guess what? Being tired at the beginning of the semester is totally normal and this is nothing to be ashamed of! Sleep is good, and here are my three huge reasons why taking a break during the day to go to sleep is perfectly o.k.

1. Napping is the ultimate way to relax. 

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If life ever gets overwhelming during a rough day of doing homework or whatever it is that you're doing- stop and take a nap. In my opinion, napping is the calmest stage of relaxation that one can reach. Ever since I started college, I always make time in my schedule to take a nap during the day because rest is so important to my lifestyle. It is so hard for me to constantly be busy around the clock and I am beginning to realize that napping is a stress reliever and is a possible cure for my health condition! Sleep is a win-win for me!

2. Sleep gives you energy.

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If you've ever said no to taking a nap, then you're making a mistake. Even if you have an extra 30 minutes in your schedule, use it to sleep. Take advantage of the extra time you have to rest. Honestly, I'd rather live a "chill" lifestyle than a crazy, hectic one. Rest is always so good for you. For some reason, shorter naps give me more energy to knock out the rest of my day with confidence.

3. Give your brain some time to pause. 

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Like busy bees, our brains are constantly going and pretty much never get a break. We are consistently thinking of something without even realizing it and it is simply human nature to us. When our bodies shut down as we go to sleep, we give our brains an opportunity to take a break and man does it feel so good! You never realize how much rest you need a day until you've had a long, busy one.

The reason I decided to write about sleep this week is that I want all of my people to not be ashamed of themselves for getting some extra sleep in! My friend Helen told me the other day how bad she felt about sleeping in until noon and I told her not to be ashamed. Sleep is good! But don't let your life revolve around it. A little extra hour of sleep is always helpful to a healthy lifestyle, so don't avoid it! Take those chances when you get them! I promise you, you will feel so much better once you make little time slots open for a nap in your schedule. Have a great week Y'all and WRECK EM TECH!