Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help
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Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Mental Illness is a real thing and we all need to be aware of it and the people that suffer from it.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

To That Person Who Thinks They're Alone,

Never did I ever think I would be where you are, in my entire life. Just recently though, I hit my absolute “rock bottom,” and if you ask me, I still am not back on top yet.

Everything I saw seemed to just be crumbling right in front of my eyes and I was so helpless I couldn’t do one damn thing. I tried to do so much, to be involved because I wasn’t last year and just be the best person I absolutely could be because I only get one life; you only get one life.

It was like everything I had going for me seemed like it was just crumbling right in front of eyes and I am so exhausted that I can’t do anything. You may not know me at all, but I promise just talking to someone will help you. I never thought about talking to anyone, or seeking help, but thank God I did. Having an outsider just be able to listen takes such a weight off of your shoulders.

Also, try and just keep yourself distracted. I know that some of your problems, it seems as though you can’t escape, but you just need to block them out. It’s definitely hard, there is no doubt about that, but again, stay focused on what you have ahead. Don’t lose sight of your goals, those are what get you through it.

From my experience, my goals got altered and trying to escape my problems seemed nearly impossible, as I lived through some of them every day. That partially isn’t going to end, your problems may be directly surrounding you and it’s as though you’re almost stuck there. You’re not stuck there, I’m not stuck there, there is an escape route.

Whether you believe in God is entirely up to you, but with what I’m about to say comes from my heart. God put every single one of us on this earth. Therefore, he has a plan for every single one of us. As it may seem unmanageable, I promise one day you will discover your “purpose,” and I will discover mine.

That feeling that you have of just being completely and utterly lost, I think it’s normal because I feel that too, more than any one would think. I work with so many people each day, and interact with so many people, yet I feel so lonely.Just know that people will always be there for you and even if they can’t relate, they will listen and comfort you. Maybe even reach out to a family member, friend, colleague, roommate whomever is there for you, and I promise someone is there for you. There isn’t one thing that will help more than the other, they all add a portion to making you stronger than before. Again, you do not have to take my advice, but maybe you could just try it.

If I’m too late to help, please call 1-800-273-8255.

You are the light in someone’s life and they need you. I want you to know, but writing this, I am that set of ears you're waiting for to listen.

You're not alone,

Hannah Fallecker

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