Poetry On Odyssey: Falling
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Poetry On Odyssey: Falling

Some people fall fast and hard.

Poetry On Odyssey: Falling

Be careful with her.

She plays it cool,

pretend that everything is

just fine and nothing is wrong.

She pretends that her

heart doesn't race when

she sees you walking towards her

with your arms wide open.

She won't tell you that

she smiles when

your name lights up

her phone.

You don't know that you

are constantly running through

her mind.

Her friends do though.

She pretends that everything is normal

when in reality,

she is falling fast

and falling hard for you.

She won't tell you this,

she'll keep it quiet

as you break down every wall

and get through to her heart.

You'll know she's falling

before she does though.

That's the thing about falling hard and fast,

you can't see it but other people do.

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