Destiny's Declassified Apartment Survival Guide
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Destiny's Declassified Apartment Survival Guide

A comprehensive survival guide to your first apartment

Destiny's Declassified Apartment Survival Guide

So, it's finally happening. You're moving out of your house and becoming (somewhat) independent. You're getting your own apartment with your friends, or with strangers, and move-in weekend has arrived.

Here are some tips to help you survive moving in!!

1. Check every corner and floor space.

Do this before you move everything in. Do it when you first step foot in the apartment. Check the cupboards, towel racks, floorboards, lights, sockets, etc. Report any issues you find with the place to the manager and take pictures.

2. You need a desk/nightstand

You might want to try to save money/space and not get one, but ultimately, you'll need some drawer space, and a surface to put your belongings. Closet space will be limited if you're sharing a room.

3. Clean the showers/cupboards

I cannot stress this enough. Unless you want your first shower to have dirt other than your own going under your feet, wash your shower. If the last tenants didn't wash it, you don't know what they did in there. And even if they did wash it, dust adds up. You'll also want to clean your cupboards. You're having your plates, silverware, toilet paper, and hygiene products in there. You'll want to know it's clean.

4. Sweep/mop BEFORE you set up your furniture

The energy you'll save doing this! Your room will be clean before you put anything in and you won't have to struggle to clean behind and under the bed, around the desk and under the rug.

5. Buy/cook in bulk 

If you cook meal per meal, not only are you wasting more time, but ultimately, you are wasting your resources. Cook in bulk, refrigerate your meals, and go about your week reheating the meals. It won't be as fresh, but you'll be saving time and money.

6. Use the space under your bed

If you have roommates, you'll already have a limited space to put your belongings, but with the space under your bed, you can have so many more things! Storage bins are good, but just putting your stuff under the bed works too!

7. Wash your dishes before you first put them away

Whether they're dusty from being in your garage or they have the glue from the packaging, you'll want to wash your dishes before storing them in your cupboards. There's nothing worse than being hungry and having to wait longer to clean your new pan.

8. Clean your stove

Again, you don't know if the tenants before cleaned the stove. That stain you see could be old food that is easily removed with a good scrubbing. Even if you don't have a stain, the dust settles. It's always better cooking on a clean stove.

9. I PROMISE buying someone’s couch is cheaper than cleaning a street couch

Where do I start with the street couches? They've been outside for who knows how long. There are dogs being walked, late night drunk shenanigans, dares even. These couches can have anything from urine to fleas and ticks. Save yourself the trouble of cleaning the couch and your house (again).

10. Make sure you get:

Pots, pans, spatulas, plates, cups, silverware, kitchen scissors, can opener, trash bags, trash cans, Clorox wipes, dish soap, broom & mop,

BONUS: Some don'ts to help keep your roommate relationships smooth:

1. Don't try to maximize your space by cutting off someone else's. It's not nice, it's not welcoming, and it sets a sour taste to your living situation.

2. Don't leave your dishes for everyone to wash. you're not at home where your parents will clean up after you. It's not fair for one person to never do chores. Hold up your end of the bargain.

3. Don't make house decisions without consulting your housemates. In any type of relationship, communication is key. Just keep every informed and make sure they agree with your decisions. it's a shared space, it should be a shared decision.

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