Taylor Swift's "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" Album Review Pt. One
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Taylor Swift's "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" Album Review Pt. One

Tracks 1-13 off of Taylor's first rerecorded album. Let me tell ya, it was worth the wait.

Taylor Swift's "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" Album Review Pt. One

1. "Fearless"

The first note of this song brought me right back to middle school. I knew this album was going to be nostalgic, but hearing this song really made me emotional. It sounds extremely similar to the original to where if you don't listen to Taylor religiously, you wouldn't know it wasn't her version from 2008.

2. "Fifteen"

I remember relating so much to this song so much when I was growing up. I relate to if even more now that I have completely closed that chapter of my life. This song makes you reflect so much and really appreciate the growth you've experienced throughout the years. I think this is such an amazing time for her to come out with this re-release because it's such a good song for young people to listen to. It's extremely reassuring that that stage of life isn't forever.

3. "Love Story"

This is such a good love song. It is such a fun song that has such a good storyline. She has such a way of telling a story within her songs and this is one of the first songs that I really paid attention to that aspect of her songwriting when I was younger.

4. "Hey Stephen"

This song is one of the ones from this album that I definitely didn't appreciate as much as I should've when I was younger. Now, however, I love it. I relate to it. How could you not?

5. "White Horse"​

I have always loved this song, well before I really understood what she was talking about. This song is a change of pace from the previous songs on the album. It is the first really emotionally and compositionally raw song on the album at this point. The way she explains the process of realizing you need to move on that is expressed in this song is so well done.

6.​ "You Belong With Me"

One of the most popular anthems from this album and one of the most anticipated remakes. It definitely did not disappoint. I still have the urge to dance around my room and belt this song. The warm feeling it brings is rarely matched. Also, how relatable it is, especially now, is insane! The music video to the original is also iconic.

7. "Breathe" ft. Cobie Caillat

This is the point in the album that she starts to become really vulnerable. The songs on this album that are slowed down and really emphasize her vocal talents were so under appreciated, especially by the radio, and it makes me so mad. Even now the songs of Taylor's that get air time are the more happy and pop sounding songs, even if they aren't her best. This song is just so beautifully written and definitely an underrated Taylor song.

8. "Tell Me Why"

I love how well she preserved the original feel of the album. This song shows more of an angry side of how you feel in a failing relationship. It shows so many emotions within the lyrics that are so real when you are around a toxic person that's good at keeping a grasp on you. The realization of the toxicity is expressed so well in this song.

9. "You're Not Sorry"

An ICONIC breakup song that will never not be on my breakup playlist. This version hit just as hard as the original and I am so happy it did. The heartbreak that she is explaining is heard in her voice. Sometimes knowing that you need to end something doesn't make it easier to do it. She portrays so many different emotions that you feel if you're going through this and in such a flawless way.

10. "The Way I Loved You"

Sometimes you can be with someone that loves you well and still not be happy, and that's ok. People need passion and sometimes that is fueled by arguing and getting on each other's nerves. This song explains the confusion of having a safe and comfortable relationship with a lack of passion while missing a crazy and uncontrollable love with so much passion that manifested in a semi- toxic way. This is a very relatable issue and she expressed it so well.

11.​ "Forever And Always"

Joe Jonas got called out in this song. If I were him I'd be SCARED. We have all been there though, thinking someone was always going to be there, then after they leave going through the questions and confusion.

12. "The Best Day"

This song makes my heart so warm. Reminiscing on growing up and appreciating the people who were constants in your life are so important. Being loved by those people influence how you love other people in your future.

13. "Change"

This song is really encouraging. A good message delivered in a really upbeat way. This song reminds me of a song that would be in a Disney movie soundtrack.

If you liked this article, be sure to check out my page! Pt. 2 up now!

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