10 Gifts For The Fitness Enthusiast In Your Life
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10 Gifts That Are PERFECT For The Fitness Rookie Who’s Determined To Succeed

These gifts can make a huge difference in helping them meet their goals!

10 Gifts That Are PERFECT For The Fitness Rookie Who’s Determined To Succeed

About a year ago, I began my own fitness journey. Growing up, I had played soccer and kept busy, but after an injury cut my soccer career short I suddenly became very inactive. It took years of misfires before I finally found a new active passion for weight lifting. Getting started is never easy, and setting up for success is the best plan of action to assist anyone in your life who is thinking about starting their own journey. These are a few items you can gift for the fitness rookie in your life:

1. A gym membership

A no-brainer for anyone wanting to start their workout journey — they will need somewhere to workout.

2. A reliable water bottle

Having a water bottle that is easy to carry around and encourages drinking throughout the day is essential. When starting to work out, keeping hydrated is so important. For me, I found a water bottle that showed measurements on the outside of the container so I could keep track of how much water I had drunk, and one with a straw so it was easy to drink from.

3. A gift card to their favorite athletic brand

Having comfortable clothes that are appropriate and make you feel confident helps so much when you are getting started. Looking like you belong in the gym goes a long way for feeling as though you belong in the gym.

4. A meal kit delivery service

A good portion of beginning a life towards fitness is working out and being active, but half, if not more, of the journey is becoming a mindful eater. Having a meal kit delivery service makes it easier to eat healthy, well-portioned meals.

5. A cookbook

Similarly to a meal kit, a cookbook that focuses on healthy meals will give many ideas and recipes that can be used to aid in dietary changes.

6. Some home equipment

Small weights, fitness bands, sliding discs, a yoga mat, or any other simple equipment to use at home can be great to build confidence. There will also be days that going to the gym or leaving the house will seem to be such a burden, and being able to get a small workout in at home can help keep a routine.

7. Fitbod (or other workout apps)

This app that I have for my iPhone has been one of the greatest helps for me starting to weight lift. This particular app has a free version, but with the paid version there is full access to workout planning, a large database of exercises, and a fitness log.

8. Good workout shoes

Having appropriate shoes is highly important to the quality of the workout. Shoes that are made for running, cycling, and weight lifting are all designed to support throughout the workout and lead to the best results for posture and form.

9. Bluetooth headphones

Being able to stream music, books, or podcasts makes a great difference in keeping focused on a workout, and having headphones without wires to get in the way only makes things that much better!

10. Personal training or group fitness classes

Everyone has a different type of exercise or workout that best suits them and their fitness desires. Being able to take different classes or having a personal trainer can expose a rookie to the different exercises that may benefit them best. One of the biggest hurdles is finding a workout that you and enjoy, and doing such can create a lifelong passion.

In the end, the best gift you can give to anyone is your support. Starting a radical lifestyle change is never easy, and often comes with lots of lows before you reach the highs. Offering your support and cheer is the best anyone can give.

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