What would you do with all of that money in your pocket?
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8 Things I Would Rather Do With The $500,000 Bribe That Aunt Becky Gave USC

What would do with all that money?


One of the biggest scandals to start off the year in 2019, I found it quite entertaining that this has happened. But let's be honest, it happens so much more than we actually know of, which doesn't shock me. If they had money to spare to bribe admissions, they were clearly going to have money to get themselves out of jail.

Here are a few things I would do with the $500,000.

Pay off college debt

The reality is that we are all going to face some kind of debt in our lives, so why not take the money and put it towards something that expanded our education? I guess you could say Olivia Jade did the same thing, except she didn't have to pay a single penny. Meanwhile, I will be paying back my loans until I am at least 30 years old.

Travel the world

So many of us wish to travel to places like Fiji, Greece, Paris, or Australia. Sadly, we never get the chance to due to the major cost and time that go into planning a trip. I would definitely take a portion of Aunt Becky's bribe to USC and put it towards traveling to one of the many places on my bucket list.

Give money to my family

Not only have they been there for me since day one, but they have supported me through all of my success and failures. I think the LEAST I could do is give my parents enough money to start building their new house and my brother to pay off some of his school loans. After all, they deserve it.

Put some money into my personal savings

I think we can all agree on adding money to our savings is important for our futures. I think I would take a smaller amount of the $500,000 and put it into my savings accounts for future endeavors. But again, what really is a "small amount" of $500,000?

Buy a brand new car

My car is now coming up on 12 years of life on the road. It's definitely getting sick of me driving it back and forth to school, work, or anywhere else I need to go. I still think I would buy a "used" car with little miles on it and only a couple of years old.

Donate to the less privileged

I think I would take an amount and donate it to a few charities that I find important to me and my family!

Make investments

Now, I don't know the FIRST thing about investing my money in something. But, if I had $500,000 to do whatever I wanted with, then I would definitely want to learn how to invest my money correctly and efficiently to double or triple those numbers.

Start a podcast

This has recently become a dream of mine! I LOVE listening to podcasts when I work out, do homework, walk to class, or drive to work. There is something about them that I feel like I am in the company of my closest friends and family members, just talking about life. I do not know what I would call it or what I would even talk about, but it would be such a fun business adventure!

I am sure that I am missing a few important things to do with the $500,000, but at least it is better than essentially paying a school just so your daughter can go there to party, attend football games, and never go to class. What would you do with all that cash in the palm of your hand?

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