So news has just broken that Donald Trump's star on the Walk of Fame was just smashed to pieces. While I do think that is a little extreme, I think that the focus shouldn't be on the star getting smashed but it should be focused on Trump himself. What is he doing for our country and what issues is he fixing/not fixing with the messages he is sending out through social media?

I think that we all have our different opinions on politics, but I do think that we can all agree that we want this country as a whole to be cleaner, nicer, and happier. Sometimes we like to point the finger at higher powers like Trump but really at times, we are the issue when it comes to social media. Are we the ones saying nice things on social media, are we retweeting what we should be retweeting? Taking a step back and realize what you are about to retweet or send out into the world is what we all should be doing. It all starts with us before it can start with Trump and his administration.

Now you are probably wondering how my thoughts tie back to Trump's star. I think that social media continues to play a part with Trump being president. I understand that it is his duty to tweet out his condolences when a tragedy strikes but at the same point if he is frustrated, it is best he not lash out on social media because then other people in society can see it. At that point, it is a bad thing when the tweet/post bounces back off because it becomes a reflection of him.

Now I currently don't know many details of why this person did damage to the star, but it is my guess that they saw something online during the span of Trump's run so far and they did not believe in what our president was trying to say about our country. But I do think that this person took it a little too far to damage the star, there are other ways you can lash out these days. I hope next time they reconsider their actions and I hope they can see past the issues that they have with Trump.