Dom Dolla, An Artist On The Come Up
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Dom Dolla, An Artist On The Come Up

I have never met a more down to Earth artist who wants to show the world who he is through his music.

Dom Dolla, An Artist On The Come Up
Kayla Lindberg

Australia never disappoints when breeding music producers — and Dom Dolla is no different. From Melbourne, Australia, the 27-year-old DJ has been on the come up in the past two years after releasing some major hits while also collaborating with some other DJs along the way.

At this year's 2019 Spring Awakening Music Festival, Dom Dolla was invited to play, making it his first appearance ever. Not only that but right after SAMF, he immediately left to head to another festival and other shows. There is no stopping for this man.

"I've been to Coachella before. And last time I was there at the Do LaB, I heard some of my music being played by the DJs," said the Melbourne-native. "I was like, 'Oh this is really cool!' Me and my friends were really excited, and the DJs could see me and would be pointing at me. I was like, 'It would be so cool to play here one day.'"

Dom talked a little about how before he started playing festivals — he was attending them.

"I have been to both of those festivals (EDC and Coachella) as an audience member before. So yeah, it was a bit of a, like, dream come true to be able to perform at those festivals."

Coming off of a huge hit titled "Take It" that received awards almost immediately after its release, Dom Dolla's name is quickly becoming a household one. His specific take on house music makes songs for almost every type of electronic dance music lover.

"I get a lot of messages every day like, 'I've discovered 'Take It,' but I just found myself on your Spotify' and 'Oh, my god! I love it — you're a really talented artist.'"

The most exciting part about this song's success is that fans are discovering Dom from the song and getting to learn more about him as an artist.

Dom got his start over 10 years ago. After graduating as a graphic design artist, he started diving into music starting as a DJ. His friend suggested music production, and he took off from there.

"It took me a few years to wrap my head around it," Dom explained. "It was before the days of online workshops and tutorials, so I definitely had to hit up a few local producers and say: 'Hey, how does this work and how do you do this?'"

Graphic design and music producing are nowhere near the same thing, but Dom compares the medium that is released and how it is very different (obviously) even though the production is very similar.

"I definitely love music a lot more than I enjoy doing logos for people."

Dom has influences from all realms and genres of music.

"My influences range from everywhere. I am a huge R&B fan. The R&B top lines and vocals you hear in my songs, most of the time I write those all myself. I am not a singer, so I have guest vocalists and session singers come in and sing what I have written . . . my music definitely has a big influence from tech-house, techno, old school 90's house."

Dom traveled to Splash House in Palm Springs after Spring Awakening. Following that, he is going to begin his shows in Europe, where he has not played before. Even more exciting, he was booked for both weekends at Tomorrowland!

"I get asked this a lot and, to be honest, people say what are my goals for the future — a lot of my goals and aspirations for this career have kind of been smashed already. I didn't really know I would get this big. So yeah, I suppose I have gotta write some new goals."

I was able to interview Dom before his set and got some insight on what to look forward to.

"I'm excited to play! I just finished up a new remix last night for Hayden James, and I have never played it anywhere before. I am going to play it today for the first time — have to see how it goes, and how the crowd likes it."

Dom Dolla is one of the most talented artists of this day in age, in my opinion. He is very talented and truly brings out the basics of house music that made many people fall in love with it in the first place.

If you are interested in listening to Dom Dolla, check out his Spotify! Also, a new remix of "Take It" by Sonny Fodera was recently released. Click here to hear it!
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