Doja Cat's Second Studio Album, Hot Pink, Is Full Of Versatility And Uniqueness
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Doja Cat's Second Studio Album, Hot Pink, Is Full Of Versatility And Uniqueness

There are no "rules" when it comes to Doja Cat's music.

Doja Cat's Second Studio Album, Hot Pink, Is Full Of Versatility And Uniqueness

My "Addiction" to Doja Cat has continued to grow as of recent with her newly released album titled Hot Pink where her authenticity and empowering way of words continue to persist.

Amala Dlamini, better known by her stage name Doja Cat, just released her second studio album, and it is just as wild and weird as the first. She initially gained popularity after her song "Moo!" went viral, and fans have been in love with the artist's individuality ever since. The latest LP, which debuted this past Thursday, November 7th, is a 12 track masterpiece full of even more uniqueness, variety, and true emotion.

Prior to the drop, Doja served her fans with two new singles including tracks, "Rules" and "Bottom Bitch," which were both released alongside music videos. Doja is known for being out-of-the-box and doing things very differently than most people in her genre, and these luckily didn't tell that her new content would be any different.

The singer is excellent at mixing different genres to create her own distinctive sound, using a variety of pop and R&B aspects, along with higher energy rap and hip-hop melodies and beats as well. The song "Addiction" is a great example of her versatility, as well as her skilled wordplay.

Another factor that sets Doja apart from other artists is her openness to discuss topics such as sexuality and sexual preference.

The first single "Bottom Bitch" is just one of many times she refers to being with a woman. In this case, it is about being with someone who she is able to dominate and feel in control of. The music video consists of Doja with a group of friends riding bicycles and driving around town, so nothing too crazy.

On the other hand, though, the video for "Rules" is a little more unusual, beginning set in a desert with Doja playing a mob boss, then later pictures her in a bathtub with a giant snake slithering all over her body. The song itself is a bop and super fun, and while the video may be sort of mind-twisting, it is intriguing nonetheless.

A third video was released for the first track "Cyber Sex," at the same time the album came out. "Wish you were here right now / All the things I'd do / I want to get freaky on camera," she sings Both the song and visual are super sensual, talking about having sex through the phone or internet. The first scene begins on a camgirl website, where Doja is listed with a provocative video that is clicked, beginning the rest of the visual.

Other tracks on the album including, "Like That" and "Bite" feature popular artists Gucci Mane and Smino. She also duplicates her popular collaboration with Tyga named "Juicy" from the deluxe version of her Amala album, onto the new project.

I think that Doja did well at presenting a variety of sounds. There aren't just upbeat, fun songs, but more slow and soothing tunes also.

The songs "Streets" and "Better Than Me" show a more raw and emotional side of Doja that isn't portrayed in most of her music. I do think she could have added more soft emotions to this album, but I still really enjoyed it.

Although I do think I enjoy her first album Amala better, just because I feel that it has a lot more substance, I still really like Hot Pink, and it will with no doubt stay in my music library for years to come.

Anyone can enjoy this album if they are looking for something fun and new to listen to, and I am already looking forward to what Doja Cat will bring to the table in coming years. If you aren't familiar with her already, now is the time to dig deeper into her music because she is definitely not an artist you want to miss out on.

I would give this album an 8 out of 10 stars.

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