​They’re Doing Their Jobs

Being a police officer today seems like a scary job: People get together to harshly blame the police, start violent protests against the police. For what? How is that going to help anything? When a person is in a threatening position, how else is an officer supposed to react when it is his/her job to try to do what is best for the outcome of the innocents?

A majority of people do not realize that police officers are humans, too. They have families and those who deeply care for them. A majority of people fail to become aware of the entire situation. People are too quick to judge, blame and hate. Take a second and ask yourself why this has happened, look for potential answers and analyze the situation as a whole. Most of the time people do not cooperate with officers, and thus the police are to use force. Cooperate and things should be OK, no? More often than not, police officers treat you with more respect when you treat them with respect.

Although, yes, I agree that maybe the training of officers should be worked on. Fear should not drive your intentions in these types of jobs. However, no one is perfect, and our continuance to strive for it is what is harming our perspectives on reality.

Now, I am not saying all police officers are just in their positions. There are those select few who ruin the general image because people tend to focus more on the bad instead of the good. That should not withhold the purpose of our men and women in blue. They are to protect us and our rights as human beings. They are doing their jobs.

So next time you see your news feed give you an update on anything dealing with our officers, contemplate and analyze the situation. Someone is always on the other side.

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