To My Dogs While I'm Away At School

My furry babies,

First of all, I want you to know how much I miss you every second of every day. Although I used to always complain about all of the dog hair that sticks to my clothes, now I smile every time I see it. There is no amount to describe how much I miss walking in the door or waking up in the morning to see your happy faces, excited to greet me and start a new day. My dorm room always feels so lonely without your soft fur and cuddles to lie with.

I know I don't get to see you as much as I used to, now that I'm away at school, but trust me, seeing you is always something I look forward to. The photos hung in my room, and the countless number of pictures I look through in my phone always make me smile. So yes, even though you hate taking selfies with me I will never stop.

No one is here to help me finish my food. No one is here to let me know there's someone outside. No one is here to let me know there isn't someone outside. And no one is here to wake me up with little excited bites.

I never realized how different my life would be without you until I left. All the little things I've grown to get used to, like filling up the water bowl, running crazily through the house, hiding all of my shoes, keeping all of the food at least five feet off the ground and even waking up at ungodly hours just to let you outside for two minutes, have now grown to be unnecessary.

I still find myself reaching for the lint roller when I wear black or keeping every single item that might seem tasty far from the ground. However, when I go to bed each night, your little kisses and cuddles are always missing.

Although I find myself missing you more than I really get to see you, it's like nothing has changed each time I get home. You jump all over me and bark like crazy until I lie on the floor and play with you. I know you're busy keeping the family safe and eating as many things as you can, but I know you won't forget me. Who else is going to sneak you food when mom or dad aren't looking, or let you sleep in a bed even though you take up well over half the bed?

Love always,

Your crazy dog mom

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