10 Reasons Why I'd Rather Spend My Days Surrounded By Dogs Than People

10 Reasons Why I'd Rather Spend My Days Surrounded By Dogs Than People

Be prepared to be bombarded by cute dog pictures!

I have spent a grand total of twenty years on Earth and have definitely met my fair share of people, both young and old. People are great and all but I am here to talk to you about something better than the human population, and that is dogs! I am more of a fan of dogs than I am people and here is why.

1. Dogs are loyal.

Now-a-days, it seems like it is a struggle for people to stay loyal, whether it be in a relationship or friendship. Nobody keeps each other's secrets anymore. I've lost a few friends due to them not being a loyal and true friend. However, you never have to worry about a dog being loyal. They are called "(Wo)man's best friend" for a reason.

2. They are smart.

Not saying that people aren't, because some definitely are! However, dogs are super smart too! You can teach them tricks, they can feel it when their owner isn't happy, and they definitely know when they did something wrong before you know it. You ask them "what's wrong?" and then you realize that they got into the trash bin.

3. They take great selfies.

Dogs don't need filters or make-up like people do, all of them have a natural beauty. Plus, if your dogs are like mine, they actually look at the camera, smile, or pose.

4. They are adorable even as babies.

I mean, come on!? Look at those eyes!! Look at those face wrinkles!! Look at those paws!! Gah, I have puppy fever! I don't know about you but when humans are born, they look like aliens; I personally think babies are ugly. Some people may think babies are cute when they are first born, I don't. When puppies are born, they are the absolute cutest thing ever! They are so small and their paws are the size of your pinky finger; it's just adorable.

5. They love to be outside.

Dogs always love to be outside - unless there is thunder/lightning. If it is a sunny day, then dogs are always happy to be outside. It's not like with people that prefer to be inside and look at a phone/computer/tv screen all day. Shoot, if you need me, I'll be outside with my dog.

6. Dogs are always happy to see you.

It doesn't matter if you've been gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours, as soon as you walk through the front door, chances are your dog is right there to greet you with a big smile on his/her face. I can't even get that from my family *insert laughter*.

7. They make great travel companions.

Last summer, I drove to Mexico with my dog and he absolutely loved it! In the above picture, my family took our dog to the lake to go fishing! Dogs are amazing travel companions.

8. The puppy dog face

Within the dog community, there is no such thing as RBF - and if there is, it is still cute and not at all deadly. There is only the puppy dog face which all dogs use to their advantage when they want something. This face works for my dogs every time!

9. They look amazing in costumes.

Yes, her antennas are on her butt but she still looks cute right?? No matter what outfit you put on a dog, it will be the cutest thing ever!

10. They go with the flow.

Whether you put them in a swing at the park or take them for a car ride, dogs just chill. They are literally just like "alright, I can dig it" and they sit there. They don't ask questions, though maybe if they could talk then they might, as of now I'm just going to stick with the fact that dogs are chill and don't ask questions. They just go with the flow.

Dogs are amazing animals and they will never let you down. Just in case I gave you puppy fever, here are a couple more pictures of cute doggies!

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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45 Things Day Care Workers Say All Too Often

Toddlers are pretty much tiny, drunk people.

Being the keeper of tiny humans can be a very interesting job. You are constantly breaking up arguments, cleaning up messes, trying to keep them safe, and telling them not to do things that are well, sometimes pretty weird. They do and say the strangest things that'll make you wonder what is really going on in their little heads.

1. "No no no, don't do *something crashes to the floor* ....that."

2. "Bubbles in your mouths every body!"

3. "No, we don't eat our friend's snack."

4. "Hands to yourself."

5. "Get off of the table before you hurt yourself."

6. "Why do we even give them spoons?"

7. "We don't put toys in our mouths"

8. "Did you wash your hands?"

9. "Where do we run? Where are we right now?"

10. "Where are your shoes?"

11. "We don't talk like that here."

12. "Go tell them you're sorry"

13. "Get your finger out of your nose"

14. "Inside voices please!"

15. "Every one find a buddy."

16. "Ew ew ew, some body get me a tissue!"

17. "How did your shoes untie already? I just tied them five minutes ago."

18. "We do nice with our hands."

19. "Oh god, it's spaghetti day."

20. "Please, do not put noodles in your hair."

21. "Hold hands until we are on the play ground!"

22. "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head..."

23. "Do you have to poop?"

24. "Well you should at least try."

25. "Why didn't you go to the potty before we went outside."

26. "If I hear "Let it go" one more time..."

27. "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.."

28. "Mommy and Daddy will come back, I promise."

29. "No, no biting!"

30. "She had it first, you'll just have to wait until she's done."

31. "Ew, why are you dipping everything in applesauce?"

32. "Now, are you going to eat the vegetable with the ranch or just the ranch?"

33. "Then why did you say you weren't eating snack?"

34. "Put your arms back in your sleeves."

35. *Five minutes before closing* "Where are your parents??"

36. "I finally got him to sleep, everyone be quiet."

37. *You see one eye open* "Oh no..."

38. "Wow, all your kids are still sleeping!?" (We wish we said this more often)

39. "Don't eat that, it was on the floor!"

40. "Glue the google eyes on here." *puts the eyes anywhere but there*

41. "Stop fighting over who's going to turn off the lights, you'll get a turn tomorrow."

42. "Don't shove so much food in your mouth at once, you'll choke!"

43. "Chew and swallow your food before you get up."

45. "Don't touch anything until we wash your hands!"

As weird as these small people are, they are some of the sweetest beings on the planet. And although they drive you crazy, at the end of the day, they make you love your job.

Cover Image Credit: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1223221/images/o-KIDS-MESS-facebook.jpg

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The Reality Of Cat Shows

Go in with an open mind, because cat shows may seem totally bizarre, but are incredibly fun and special.


As a self-declared cat lady, when I decided to attend my first cat show I was hyped to pet all the kitties, and watch them do tricks, or show off their beauty. After attending a few, I know they're totally unique and amazing events that everyone should be attending.

Upon arriving, you will probably need to pay an entry fee, and maybe there's an area for donations for local animal shelters (yes, animal breeders support animal shelters!). You might be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of cats, as far as the eye can see. Having a game plan of cats to visit might seem fun, but just roaming and visiting is a lot more fulfilling, and you may discover breeds of cats you never knew you would love. Usually, cat shows will feature visiting areas for guests attending the show to view, and sometimes pet, the cats. As well as areas where cats are judged and given awards, sort of like miniature stages.

Visitor areas are pretty self-explanatory as you can roam around and look at the dozens of different breeds, of kittens and cats alike. The diversity will amaze you and the cats are all special and loved by their owner. Because cats can catch sicknesses while surrounded by so many other cats, it's important to sanitize your hands before petting, as well as asking the owner if you can pet their cat or kitten. Some may even let you hold their cat, but this would be rare and you shouldn't get your hopes up! While viewing cats, you may find some that are up for adoption and could find a new family member. Some cats are actually people's household pets, and are scored differently from a cat who was bred for its looks!

The competition side is where the cat shows get interesting. You can view any and all competitions, although there will be many occurring at a time. That's because cats will initially be ranked against the cats of the same breed as them, and within those breeds, by gender and color style. Winning best in the breed is the first step to becoming the champion of a cat show. Watch as owners get nervous and excited as the tiny plastic awards go up, showing which cat was victorious. Although all judges can be different, it's fun to see beautiful and friendly cats win awards and look pleased with themselves as their owner smiles with pride.

Later in the day or weekend, one cat will be chosen as the grand champion out of the best in breeds. Usually, fans can vote on their favorite as well, and award a special cat a top prize, although unofficial, for its cuteness and spirit. A hairless cat has won fan favorite at every show I attended!

Go in with an open mind, because cat shows may seem totally bizarre, but are incredibly fun and special. The group of people who participate will love to tell you about their amazing cat and let you in on cat show secrets. A place where cat lovers unite, what could be better?

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