10 Reasons Why I'd Rather Spend My Days Surrounded By Dogs Than People

10 Reasons Why I'd Rather Spend My Days Surrounded By Dogs Than People

Be prepared to be bombarded by cute dog pictures!

I have spent a grand total of twenty years on Earth and have definitely met my fair share of people, both young and old. People are great and all but I am here to talk to you about something better than the human population, and that is dogs! I am more of a fan of dogs than I am people and here is why.

1. Dogs are loyal.

Now-a-days, it seems like it is a struggle for people to stay loyal, whether it be in a relationship or friendship. Nobody keeps each other's secrets anymore. I've lost a few friends due to them not being a loyal and true friend. However, you never have to worry about a dog being loyal. They are called "(Wo)man's best friend" for a reason.

2. They are smart.

Not saying that people aren't, because some definitely are! However, dogs are super smart too! You can teach them tricks, they can feel it when their owner isn't happy, and they definitely know when they did something wrong before you know it. You ask them "what's wrong?" and then you realize that they got into the trash bin.

3. They take great selfies.

Dogs don't need filters or make-up like people do, all of them have a natural beauty. Plus, if your dogs are like mine, they actually look at the camera, smile, or pose.

4. They are adorable even as babies.

I mean, come on!? Look at those eyes!! Look at those face wrinkles!! Look at those paws!! Gah, I have puppy fever! I don't know about you but when humans are born, they look like aliens; I personally think babies are ugly. Some people may think babies are cute when they are first born, I don't. When puppies are born, they are the absolute cutest thing ever! They are so small and their paws are the size of your pinky finger; it's just adorable.

5. They love to be outside.

Dogs always love to be outside - unless there is thunder/lightning. If it is a sunny day, then dogs are always happy to be outside. It's not like with people that prefer to be inside and look at a phone/computer/tv screen all day. Shoot, if you need me, I'll be outside with my dog.

6. Dogs are always happy to see you.

It doesn't matter if you've been gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours, as soon as you walk through the front door, chances are your dog is right there to greet you with a big smile on his/her face. I can't even get that from my family *insert laughter*.

7. They make great travel companions.

Last summer, I drove to Mexico with my dog and he absolutely loved it! In the above picture, my family took our dog to the lake to go fishing! Dogs are amazing travel companions.

8. The puppy dog face

Within the dog community, there is no such thing as RBF - and if there is, it is still cute and not at all deadly. There is only the puppy dog face which all dogs use to their advantage when they want something. This face works for my dogs every time!

9. They look amazing in costumes.

Yes, her antennas are on her butt but she still looks cute right?? No matter what outfit you put on a dog, it will be the cutest thing ever!

10. They go with the flow.

Whether you put them in a swing at the park or take them for a car ride, dogs just chill. They are literally just like "alright, I can dig it" and they sit there. They don't ask questions, though maybe if they could talk then they might, as of now I'm just going to stick with the fact that dogs are chill and don't ask questions. They just go with the flow.

Dogs are amazing animals and they will never let you down. Just in case I gave you puppy fever, here are a couple more pictures of cute doggies!

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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10 Things I Wish Animal Rights People Knew About The Livestock Industry

Get educated.

So last week, I wrote an open letter to PETA, calling them out on their lack of salvation for the animals burned by the recent wildfires. I received a lot of attention for this article, both good and bad.

In reading the comments posted in response by animal right's activists, I discovered some things that just didn't add up. Amidst the insults and hypocrisy, there were just some downright stupid assumptions that these people see as facts. It's not their fault, they're just uneducated, so I feel we as an industry should try to get some truth out there.

So, here are 10 things I wish animal right's supporters knew about the livestock industry:

1. A 20-25 year life expectancy for cows is not realistic.

Just because some cow somewhere lived to be 25 does not mean that they would live that long without the agriculture industry. Most cows used for beef production live to be about 13-15 years old and die of natural causes. In sandy environments, cows live around 5-9 years because the sand degrades their teeth to the point that they cannot eat.

2. Livestock would mate and reproduce each year without the help of humans.

I kinda thought it was common knowledge that most species cycle monthly when they reach sexual maturity. When females cycle, they do their best to get bred. There's no forcing going on there. If they were left in the wild, they would still mate and reproduce causing inbreeding.

SEE ALSO: Don't Buy That Coverup: Boycott Animal Testing

3. Farmers and Ranchers are not just upset at the loss of profit from these fires.

I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I read this, and then the second, and eighth. Farmers and ranchers are not only upset about the loss of profit, which is devastating, but also upset to see their animals suffer. Have you ever had to put something out of its misery? Watch a cow writhe around sluffing its charred flesh off, hear it wheeze, and watch a rancher put a bullet in its head out of pity, and I guarantee the sadness in that rancher's heart isn't about money.

4. All "momma cows" are not dairy cows.

There are hundreds of breeds of cattle out there. Some breeds have certain traits that are suited for different parts of production agriculture. Not every momma cow is milked by hand daily and her milk sold.

5. All dairy calves are not ripped from their mother and slaughtered moments after birth.

I don't know much about the dairy industry, but since it is up and running obviously there has to be live calves to grow into cows and bulls.

6. Beef cattle are not raised in closed quarters.

The operations that raise beef cattle from birth are called cow/calf operations. These cattle roam over large pastures and fields most of their lives.

7. Sheep are sheared for their own good.

I cannot count how many pictures I have seen posted by animal rights organizations of mutilated sheep. That's gross and unless someone is a complete dunce with a razor, that never happens. Sheep will overheat with a full coat, or become matted to the point he/or she cannot move.

8. There is not enough cropland to sustain everybody in the world.

Oh man, okay so as Animal Rights Activists you guys want us to let all the cows, horses, sheep, goats, and pigs roam at their own free will. You think we can all live off veggie-tales reruns and rainbows but that is not so. If all animals are roaming free, they have to eat too. So they need space, and the crops humans eat need space. IT WON'T WORK.

9. It's not all about the money.

Lol, yeah right. Have you worked in agriculture? The bank owns our asses.

10. It's not gonna happen.

You can go on your crusades, you can martyr yourselves. It's not gonna work. Meat will always be a necessity.

But mostly PETA people, get educated!

Cover Image Credit: Straight

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A Walk Through The Woods That Eased My Pain

After a week of constant pain, a walk through pine flatwoods helped me feel alive and at peace.


A week of constant pain left me exhausted. All I wanted to do was lie in bed. I didn't want to go anywhere, but my husband wanted to work from the park, so we went. After sitting on the bench for a while, uncomfortable and aching, I remembered sometimes when you're in pain it helps to walk it off, so I decided to take the trail through the woods.

The woods at this park, like most parks in Florida, are made up of various tall pines and low-lying shrubs. It is called a pine flatwood. I walked the path slowly, not in a rush to get anywhere, just there to enjoy it. The pine left a sweet odor. Slash pines and longleaf pines towered above, their long straight trunks topped with long bright green needles that stood against the blue Florida sky.

My back still ached a little but felt much better, so I kept moving. The path weaved through the woods. Partially shaded by the trees. People passed me, but I didn't mind. They were busy exercising; I was busy enjoying. I loved the dense saw palmetto that lined the forest floor. Some woods are darker or mostly brown colored, especially on the floor that is often covered in fallen wood and leaves, but not these woods, these woods are vibrant shades of green, green that makes you feel alive. It made me feel more alive than I had in days.

Typically, when I take walks in the park, I spend time watching the birds, seeing which ones I can identify. This time on the trail there weren't many birds, so my attention was drawn to the pines, palmettos, and other plants instead. Often, these plants go unnoticed, serving as a backdrop to the more exciting parts of nature. But as I turned my attention to the trees, I noticed how stunning they were.

I looked up noticing how their branches spread in front of the sky. Then I looked at the endless palmettos, extending through the woods. The trees towered above me, yet they were a comfort, a shelter, that helped take my mind off the aching. The trees are still and peaceful, helping me to be still too. To stand confidently and breathe, and to also rest, clear my head, and know that it'll all be okay.

I walked through the trees for a while, not wanting to stop. It's important we all learn from trees. In their still, patience they know things that we fast-paced humans often forget in our busy lives. Life needs to be enjoyed, slowed down and still, our minds and our bodies. And when we do, it's healing. Walk slowly, take it in, notice the trees that we often forget to notice because they are still, but that doesn't mean they aren't the wisest of us all.

My aching was not cured, but as I returned from my walk, I felt at peace, rejuvenated, alive. Like the bright green towering pines, I stood proud and breathed in the fresh air.

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