This is my dog, Archie.

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He is a six-month-old labradoodle puppy. He has been on crate rest because he tore his ACL. So given the fact that he is bored from crate rest and also a puppy, it's understandable that he has been incredibly needy. But I can't help but think that he will continue his needy behavior after crate rest due to some of these things he did before being stuck in his crate. Here are some things that you only know if you have a needy dog.

1. You can't go to the bathroom without them scratching at or opening the door.

2. Your dog always needs to be involved with your work...

3. ...and when you are on your phone...

4. ...or doing anything really.

5. They give you a look when you stop petting them.

6. They ruin your games.

7. Your clothes always have fur on them from your dog needing to be pet 24/7.

8. You can't even take a bath without them joining you.

9. You are well aware of this situation.

10. They get jealous anytime you show any attention to another living thing.

11. And will do anything to stop you from showing any affection to other dogs.

12. But you still spoil them beyond belief.