Leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Everyone is daydreaming about warm mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, turkey, and pumpkin pie… but then realize Thanksgiving is more than good food, it's the lovely questions from curious family members. The one question we dread when we come to a family gathering by ourselves is "Where is your boyfriend?" or "Why don't you bring a girl around?"

Here are some ways to end that conversation before they even have a chance to finish asking the question.

1. Revert To Politics 

Switch it up and change it to a subject that will make them feel uncomfortable by talking about something that really divides people, politics. Maybe quote a few of Trump's tweets or talk about the recent midterm election.

2. Run To Kitchen

Say that you have told grandma that you would help with making the deviled eggs, and take a nice dead sprint straight to the kitchen.

3. Cough Obnoxiously

Start hacking up a literal lung and hold up your finger until you're done, and if they still remember the question just continue the coughing process until they just get grossed out and move away from you.

4. Cry

I like this one the best because it's so dramatic. Just really make them feel bad for even asking. I'm talking full sobs with mascara running. This one should really work because they won't ever ask you that ridiculous question again.

5. Shove Food In Your Mouth

Take your corn, biscuits, turkey, and green beans and just compile them all in your mouth. Take as long as you want as you chew, and hopefully, that will make them get the hint to ask something else. If not, start to fake choke and say the turkey is really dry.

6. Look At Cousin For Help

Glare at your favorite nearby cousin for assistance in hopes that they see the 911 signal in your eyes. If they don't take the hint, then get yourself a new favorite cousin

7. Scream

This is the last resort because this could lead to you being the official "nut" of the family because you just start yelling for no reason, but I think the family member asking that question is even worse.

I realize that these alternatives to answering the question might be stupid to you, but so is my current generation when it comes to dating. I highly recommend using one of the seven or all of them in extreme cases. I hope that this helps with everyone entering the holiday season single.

Good luck to all of you, and here is a link to a website that sends single women goodies every month: https://www.singlesswag.com. There is also a dude monthly goodie box which you can sign up for here: https://www.birchbox.com/men. You're welcome.