Do You Have Senioritis?
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Do You Have Senioritis?

Senoritis is a very serious, time consuming disease.

Do You Have Senioritis?

As graduation gets closer and closer I find myself contracting a very contagious disease only spread among seniors: senioritis. While it's name may not sound very threatening, this disease is ferocious. When one finds themselves infected by this disease they very quickly lose all motivation to do homework, studying, or really, anything. While there is no known cause for this disease, some have theorized that the impending doom of facing adulthood and needing to provide for oneself are common factors that can make one susceptible to this disease. This disease makes one desperate to avoid any and all work through distraction. Some common distractions include:

1. Going for walks and/or exercising

2. Watching Netflix

3. Coloring

4. Sleeping/napping

5. Constant snacking


7. Pleasure reading

8. Texting

9. Social media

10. Cute cat videos

11. Youtube

12. "Searching" for jobs (yes this one seems counter-intuitive, but searching for jobs helps you avoid doing homework that's due soon)

13. Cooking and/or eating

14. Campus events

15. Video games

16. Chores

17. Calling your parents

18. Finally addressing that issue with your bank where you know you'll be on hold forever

19. Shopping

20. Random drives

21. Listening to music while you "study"

22. Trolling the internet

23. Writing your Odyssey article

24. Laying in the grass

25. Looking at the lake

26. Rant sessions

27. Showering

28. Watching t.v

29. Day dreaming (ex: mac and cheese)

30. Thinking about pandas or thinking in general

31. Making plans for your future which include living in a cardboard box

32.Considering a life of alcoholism (this one's in very rare cases)

33. Yoga

34. Reminding yourself you need to graduation so you don't waste another 52 thousand dollars but then deciding you'll just become a stripper.

35. Sitting on the balcony

36. Petting dogs and/or cats

37. Making blanket forts

38. Going to the movies even though you really don't have the money

39. Hanging out with your girlfriend/boyfriend

40. Questioning your life and decisions

Scientist are still searching for a cure, but it seems the best medicine is a smack in the face with reality. Realizing the impeding doom of graduation through daily reminders from the college and from your fellow classmates often makes a senior realize that they need to get their shit together. Sometimes, having mental break downs can also be helpful to pull a senior out of the slums but be weary, they might be dangerous to approach in this state.

If you or someone you love is inflicted with senioritis you must be patient with them. Give them a gentle push in the right direction, but don't be patronizing. If they're too far gone then you might just want to step back and be there when they crash.

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