Little decisions. Big decisions. Random decisions. Impulsive decisions. Wrong decisions. Right decisions.

We have so many kinds of decisions that we may face every single day. Each and every one of those decisions are different. However, each of those decisions are important.

Doing the right thing is not always the way things work out. We've all been there before. But, the more you try to do the right thing, the more often it will happen.

When you see stork parking and you decide it is too cold to park far away from the grocery store, think about the pregnant woman on bed rest who needs that parking spot.

When you get frustrated in a restaurant because your food takes too long, think about the server who may need tip money to eat dinner that night.

When you see someone cheating in school and get mad that you are not, think about your future profession. They would not appreciate that.

When you see someone stealing in a store, think about the example they are putting out for young children around.

When you see someone putting back medicine for their child in a store because they could not afford it, think about who needs the money at that moment.

The examples could go on forever. The examples could hit all different categories of life. The possibilities are endless.

There are some points where doing the right thing could hurt you and in those times, maybe you do your best to try. But, the more you try to do the right thing, the more often it will happen.

Apart from being a good human being in this world is recognizing what is right and wrong. Sometimes, the middle grey area can stand out more than usual, but most times it is pretty clear.

When you try to do the right thing, you will feel really good about yourself. You will realize that people around you will follow your example.

If the world focuses on trying to do the right things, we may live in a happier place. The hate, the negativity, and the anger towards others just hold a grey cloud around this world. We should not have to feel this way.

Whether your piece of contribution is small or big, you will be apart of the big picture. Don't you want to be seen as a good human being? Don't you want to know you added positive changes to this world?

Next time that "Should I do it?" question pops in your head, think about it. Will you do the right thing?

"Initiative is doing the right thing without being told." -Victor Hugo