Coming back to school is the hardest thing to do after winter break. I had gotten so used to being home and doing whatever I wanted without having to worry about school work. It is never easy going from doing absolutely nothing for a month to getting thrown back into the stress and chaos of another semester. It's funny how a month of doing nothing can go by so fast.

But being back isn't the worst of it. Here are a few things you should prepare for your first couple weeks back:

1. Your alarm going off.

This is the biggest drag, especially for me. I'm just not a morning person, especially when classes start at 8 a.m. Luckily, this semester my Monday classes start at 9 a.m.

2. Emotionally preparing yourself for class with a pep talk.

The first day of classes is nerve- racking. I know that, personally, I like to start classes with a positive attitude and look at the good things that could happen that day. I try not to stress what may go wrong.

3. Realizing that it's going to be hard to get back into "work" mode.

Doing absolutely nothing for a month really has a big impact on you. Personally, I tend to forget how to hold a pen after a long time or even focus without being on my phone. It was so nice not having to do anything but just focusing on yourself and whatever happened in your social life-- there was no work to be done.

4. Sitting in class and waiting anxiously until your professor calls your name.

I find it funny because professors always awkwardly stare at you and you have to pretend like you're actually happy to be back.

5. Icebreakers.

I feel like this is common in the beginning of the year. Some professors go around the room and have everyone say fun facts about them.

6. Walking into a class and realizing that one of your friends from last semester is in the same class.

This is the best feeling; it takes away all that stress of finding a new friend. One of the worst parts is having to do group work and not knowing anyone. It's always anxiety- inducing.

7. When your professors says that the class is just a review of what you learned in high school or last semester.

This has always been my biggest fear: finding out that I should know something but not being able to remember what I had learned.

8. Looking at the syllabus and realizing that you are going to die.

Okay, so, not literally... but we all feel that way when we find out how challenging the course is-- especially when you see that there are so many assignments due within that same week.

9. When professors say that you must attend every single class in order to get a good grade.

Luckily I always go to class, but I'm worried about having to miss a class if something should come up.

10. Presenting in class.

I feel like the hardest part of this is not presenting the project, but also trying to explain why you did that assignment and also communicating with your partner. If you don't know your partner well, there's always an awkwardness between you two.

11. Last but not least: DAYDREAMING OF SPRING BREAK.

We all know we are anxious for break to come soon even if we just started. Just thinking of all the fun and exciting things that will be happening is the only thing keeping me sane throughout this semester.