Do Not Say Goodbye
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This is always the hardest part, for most of us. Let us try something different. Rather than saying "Goodbye" say "See you later."

How CLICHE was that. Although, it is a powerful cliche which we should live by.

Do not make goodbyes unbearable. Make them something to countdown to. Spend every waking moment you can while you still have your loved ones with you.

Time is the most valuable thing but too often we run away from time. We fear deadlines. Instead, be grateful for time. If you are reading this right now you are alive. Am I correct? Yes, you are alive which means time is present, you are present, moments are present, now go live in the moment.

When the crooked creepy clock ticks on you do not shun it. Look time in the eye and kill it with kindness. Tell time you are unbelievably grateful for them. Time gives you the ability to go out and make memories with those you care for.

As the deadline sneaks up on you make a list of all you want to experience before the wicked deadline.

Grab your family and friends and adventure. Check those boxes off your list.

Tell time you will see them later!

For some of us, the deadline for leaving home is coming soon. We are headed off to school, new homes, new adventures, overall new beginnings. Please do not be scared of what's to come. Be grateful for change. Change is exciting, it allows us to enter new parts of our lives that we can love and learn from. When it comes time to hug and kiss our loved ones as we head out the door, wish them the best. Do not dare say "Goodbye," say "I am grateful for the time spent with you. I wish us both happiness and protection. See you later."

Ready. Set. GO.

Move on to your new journey with gratitude and an open mind. This life is too short to be anything but grateful. Now is the time to go with the flow of universal energy, speak your desires into the universe and watch yourself begin to manifest all you desire. The universe does not know yes or no it only knows energy. So spread all the good energy and you will receive the same energy back.

Keep that same energy - positive energy.

Are you ready? Ready to make your countdown list. Grab the pen and paper. You can even glam it up. If you want, add some scratch and sniff stickers to your list. Make this a dope list filled with funky colors and boxes you will check off as you spend your time doing what makes you happy.

I know time is frightening but living in fear of the unknown is exhausting. Fear is an energy sucker. It sucks all of the good energy right out of us unless we face it with an open heart.

I challenge you to make the most of your time before your "See you later" deadline.

Spend your last moments with the people who make you hungry for life as you chase life head-on, never looking back.

You are like a seed. You have been planted in one garden but whose to say flowers do not bloom if you plant them someplace else.

Take a deep breath and go bloom wherever this electrifying life may take you.

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