Do birthday matter after 21?
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Do Birthdays Even Matter After 21?

Birthdays are special, but what is there to look forward to after 21?

Do Birthdays Even Matter After 21?

Birthdays. The one day of the year where you can absolutely claim that the world revolves around you. Unless you are one of those monsters that say things like "It's my birth week" or even worse, birth month. They can just stop right there. Like truly Becky no one cares that much, and I'm sorry, but it's true. Statistically you share your birthday with 20.8 million people, so the world also revolves around them on that day but that's neither here nor there. The point is that birthdays are symbolic of change and new things coming to you.

As you get older the more things become available to you. When you become 13, you are officially a teen. At 15 you can get a drivers' permit and then, of course, at 16 you get your drivers' license. The next big life changers are 18 and everyone's favorite 21. These are the first birthdays, in my opinion, that makes you feel like you are actually becoming an adult. When you are able to vote and go into a bar (legally) for the first time, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. At least, it did to me.

A year has passed since I have turned 21 and I can't believe how fast it has gone. When people would ask how old I was I would always say that I just turned 21 even though if you look a try drivers license the term "just" might a little exaggerated. I turn 22 years old tomorrow and so many things are already different from this time last year. For 21st birthday parties, the goal is to celebrate your new-found freedom with a huge party that lasts all day, then make your way to the bars when the clock strikes midnight like some drunk Cinderella.

This year, I have no big party planned and I have not been drinking since 7 am and I am ok with that. The year following 21 has taught me a lot and made me realize what is important. The older you get, the less birthdays matter, because you shouldn't wait for one day to hang out with friends and celebrate your life. You should be living it, and making memories with those who matter rather than having an empty space in your head.

Growing up is scary and that's a fact, but to quote Kylie Jenner, "This has been a year of realizing things." Being scared is ok. Not knowing what you are gonna do with your life is ok as long as you are trying to accomplish something. So maybe my birthday this year won't be as lit as last years, but I am excited to start into this new year with a positive attitude and a drive to succeed. Like Taylor Swift said, "I'm feeling 22!"

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