In honor of last week's Earth Day (April 22), now is a great time to make your first terrarium!

Terrariums are basically like a miniature indoor garden. They're like planters, but with an added decorative or artsy element. They can be used as decorations, paperweights, etc., and they're super easy to make!

Because succulents are currently all the rage (hipsters, we see you), we'll be using them in our terrarium. Let's get started!

What do you need?

1. An open container, preferably glass or unglazed pottery

(Note: If you've got an empty fishbowl on hand, that'll work!)

2. Succulent plants of your choice

3. Soil, preferably cactus mix because it retains less moisture

4. Small stones/pebbles for drainage

5. Sand (optional, any color)

6. Sphagnum moss (optional)

7. Decorative rocks, shells, glass, etc. (optional)

Check out this BuzzFeed article for ideas on how you want your terrarium to look!

Let's start!

1. Prepare your jar or container by making sure the inside is clean and ready for your plants!

2. Place a layer of small stones at the bottom to help with drainage.

3. Add a layer of moss to keep your plants' roots from growing into the rocks.

4. Add a generous layer of soil. Be sure to leave enough space to place your plants!

5. Carefully transplant your succulents into the soil, in any arrangement or design you like. Leave enough space for each succulent to grow. Don't forget to gently pack the plants into the soil.

Note: Be very, very careful not to mess with the roots! (This means no cutting them off to make them fit!)

6. Add a thin layer of sand to the top for a desert-y effect.

7. Add decorative stones/ornaments and moss as you like.

8. You're done! Doesn't it look great?

*Water your succulents every other week and be sure to place your terrarium in an area with lots of indirect sunlight.

Keep your eyes peeled for next week's article: An in-depth look into how to care for your succulents!