Disturbed's War With Modern Media
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Disturbed's War With Modern Media

One band against a Legion of Monsters.

Disturbed's War With Modern Media
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When I hear the word "metal", a stance on politics is usually the last thing that comes to my mind. But as is the case with essentially every genre music, it's impossible for the two not to cross paths at some point. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but releasing a song or album of that nature is bound to generate controversy. Even for the (perhaps) the world's most famous metal band, Disturbed.

For those who are unfamiliar, Disturbed is a metal band who has been making waves since 1996 with notable songs like "Indestructible", "The Sound of Silence", and "Down With The Sickness." But I'm not here to talk about the band's history, as much as I enjoy them.

The band's latest album, Immortalized, has two songs of note for today's topic; "Legion of Monsters" and "Open Your Eyes", both of which seem to be shots at the state of the modern media. Pay particular attention of the wording of the former in the video below and you'll see the message they're trying to convey (and I suggest listening with headphones).

Modern media outlets are so focused on getting to breaking news first and making it a sensationalist charade that they're not focusing on the victims of these shootings and riots, while also giving notoriety to those that committed the crimes. It's not about those who were killed, but those who killed. Take from that what you will, but given how many recent shootings there have been, the message is very timely.

As for "Open Your Eyes", the message is a little more clear cut. There is so much misinformation that is told to the people in favor of those with power. If we are to thrive, we must learn to discern what is being said and, more importantly, what is not being said. Again, pay attention to the lyrics.

Does this mean that Disturbed is a political force to be reckoned with? Hardly, and it seems that the band doesn't have much to do with taking sides on the political spectrum. But no matter what your opinion is of metal or politics, these messages are clear. Keep your eyes open, and see that which is unseen. We must hold the media responsible for their sensationalism and the consequences it brings.

Because if we don't, that would be truly disturbing.

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