Distinguishing the Russian Question

Distinguishing the Russian Question

Distinguishing That The Trump Campaign's Collusion And Potential Business Ties Of The Trump Family With Individuals In Russia's Power Elite Is Different Than Russian State Interference With The 2016 Election

The evidence of the Trump campaign, and the individuals associated, had interactive ties of a wide variety of degrees with individuals in/from Russia. On one hand there are individuals who have peculiar private interactions with individuals within the Russian power elite; resulting in exchanges of information and possibly resources, in manners that do not necessarily incriminate the individuals involved as much as they delegitimize their stature in the Line of Succession for president. On the other hand, there are individuals such as the now incriminated cabinet member General Micheal Flynn; individuals arguably charged with a significant level of conspiracy towards personal gain and the endangering of national security. The gray area of all of this summarizes the urgency of the situation in the need of serious investigation and assessment.

The need for investigation is further highlighted in the other legitimate concern of financial ties between Russian power elite and the Trump family. The need for serious and extensive investigation and detailed analysis of Trump's financial holdings, tax records, and the similar assessment of his family members is imperative for national security. The subservience of a president to independent capital, especially capital controlled by foreign powers, is no different than subservience to a foreign nation. Not only is this area of investigation something that will lead to impeachment, it must be recognized that due to the first point of the delegitimate Line of Succession created because of the collision of the campaign previously mentioned; impeachment will require the need to hold new national elections.

From this need to hold new elections due to evidence provided that delegitimizes the current system of power, we can avoid any dishonest conceptions of hostility created by scapegoating the Russians state as the reason for the 2016 election outcome. This brings us to the point of the claimed notion that Russia "hacked the election", referring to the Democratic National Committee's email hack that resulted in the publishing of the Podesta emails; which verified the subversion of Bernie Sanders campaign by the Clinton Campaign/DNC and the Pied Piper candidacy of Donald Trump as controlled opposition. The manner in which these emails were provided are illogically being blamed to be from a foreign power; considering it is far more likely the result of a domestic whistleblower. By using Russia as a scapegoat, a public relations technique utilized upon in the early days of the leaks, planted the idea of a foreign menace intervening hostilely into the election in order to justify the defeat of Hillary Clinton. The tensions built by the Podesta email leaks showed early on that the subversion of the Bernie campaign was a scandal that would schism the Democratic Party. The leaks further showed the controlled propping up of the Trump campaign as controlled opposition, completely backfiring once Trump secured the nomination in the Republican Party.

The threat of destroying relationships with with Russia is beyond foolish and unwise, it risks destroying civilization and the human species by pressing towards a Third World war. Russian individuals and private actors within the Russian power elite are just as independent in their actions as the United States public elite are in the US. If indeed it is shown that the First Family has financial corruption and the members of the Trump administration indeed colluded to criminal degrees during the campaign; we must handle the situation responsibly and understand that the Russian state and Russian people are different than its power elites. We must also realize that it will be time to have a serious moment of self reflection of the United States, its power elite and its people.

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How Can We Bring About More Positivity?

There have been countless tragedies/negative events this week. We need to band together instead of being divided.

This past week has been filled with a large amount of tragic and negative news. Earlier today, a few of my coworkers and I got into a debate about all the recent events that transpired. In regards to the shooting that took place in Parkland, FL (R.I.P. to all the souls last in that tragedy), some of my coworkers felt as if society is to blame for the actions of this 19-year old; however, a few others believe that it falls upon the parents to properly censor what their children are exposed to.

In order to get a deeper understanding on the viewpoints of these tragic issues, let’s take a minute and explore these positions. Society does play a huge role in the development of children (due to the exposure through social media, television, etc.), and it also has a huge influence on the human population as a whole. Despite however many people think they are “anti-government” and they “don’t follow everyone else”, there are still things that those people do that are, in fact, influenced by society somehow.

I’m not a parent, so I cannot really comment on this viewpoint as strongly as an actual parent can, but many of my coworkers felt strongly that this shooting, along with a sixth grader writing a very hateful note yesterday, all comes down to how the child was raised. Yesterday, a sixth grader wrote a note that threatened the students and faculty, saying he was going to “shoot their ugly a**es” and called them “you b*tches”. It is truly sad to see such a young individual write such hateful and threatening words.

How can we stop this?

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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The Florida Shooting: When Does It End?

The violence that plagues our nation.

There is nothing more heart breaking than turning on the news and seeing the words “school shooting” pop up on the screen.

Instead of being a rare tragic event, it has become an all too common headline. Valentines day, a day of love was turned into a day of tragedy as 17 children were shot to death attending school. 17 parents unknowingly said their last “I love you” and gave their children their last hugs. 17 innocent children lost their lives because of a mentally ill teenager having access to weapons. 17 daughters and sons, 17 neighbors, 17 brothers and sisters, 17 friends lives were cut short.

Who is next?

How many more people have to be killed before Congress steps up and fixes the gun violence problem. Guns do kill people; guns destroy lives, families, and communities. Heartbreak and solitude plague the nation for days, even weeks after these events. People post on social media begging and pleading for Congress to help, but nothing shifts their indifference. Their indifference has allowed for people to be killed.

What has to happen before it stops? My sisters attend school and everyday I fear I will have said my last goodbye. School is a safe environment to learn, but it has become a place which breeds fear in it’s walls.

Alyssa Alhadef, Scott Biegel, Nicholas Dworet, Martin Anguiano, Aaron Feis, Jaime Guttenburg, Chris Hixon, Luke Hoyer, Cara Loughran, Gina Montalto, Joaquin Oliver, Alaina Petty, Meadow Pollack, Helena Ramsay, Alex Schachter, Carmen Schentrup, and Peter Wang all had dreams and aspirations they will never be able to achieve because our government has failed to protect them.

Families have been torn apart and broken. Sadly, this is not the first time, nor is it the last. As citizens, we elect members to government because we trust they will fix the problems that plague our society, instead they sit with their thumbs in their mouth. Democrats and Republicans alike should both value human life, instead they watch everyday as someone new robs people of their life. Where is the humanity in that?

Of course it is a lot more complex than it may seem, but they have failed to fulfill their duties as government officials. We need to work towards a solution, not stand by and wish things didn’t happen. Thoughts and prayers do not stop killing, policy and change does. My heart goes out to all those affected by this terrible event, you are all in my prayers.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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