They say distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Since I was a little kid, I've been a true believer of this saying, as I live hours from all of my family members and growing up with that has made me overwhelmingly thankful for the times I did get to spend with them.

For my first college spring break, I decided to go home and be with my family. I don't regret this decision whatsoever. It may not be a week in the hot sun on a beautiful beach. It may not be a ski trip in the mountains.

It may just be folding laundry and running errands for Mom.

It may just be eating Rocky Road ice cream at 9pm while playing Sequence for an hour.

I've never been one to care about expensive trips to exotic places. I've never cared that my family doesn't take vacations.

What matters to me is spending time with them, whenever and wherever I get the chance to.

I love my hometown. I love driving through my beautiful town square, with the cute coffee shops and book stores.

I love the people I come home to—I love that I have people to come home to.

I love seeing old high school friends walking through town or running into them at restaurants.

I'd rather be in the wonderful place I call home than be in the mountains or on the beach.

I'd rather go see a movie with my best friends in our small and sticky theater than have sand in my toes.

I'd rather eat breakfast in my favorite one-of-a-kind hometown restaurant than in some fancy hotel.

I'd rather spend every day with my family members than spend an enormous wad of cash getting away from them.

I've always been a family girl, but since leaving for college last fall, I see myself counting the days until I get to come home.

I love Iowa State University and the home I have here, but nothing compares to coming home to the streets I know so well.

Nothing compares to taking the back roads with my best friends and blaring music.

Nothing compares to Mom's cooking and Dad's movie-picking abilities.

And nothing will ever compare to seeing my fur babies after months apart.

Nothing is as beautiful as seeing improvements in my town every time I come back.

Distance isn't always ideal, but I'm thankful that instead of pulling me further from the ones I love, it makes my heart more full than ever before.