Disney Characters' Real Life Occupations
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Disney Characters' Real Life Occupations

Disney Characters' Real Life Occupations

We all know and love Disney characters. For many of us, they were a huge part of our childhood. For some of us, they're still very relevant in our lives today. Eventually, we grow up and develop our own careers, but have you ever stopped and wondered what your favorite Disney character's career would be? I have. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Cinderella

Cinderella's story is a classic that is well known. After years of torment from both her stepmother and stepsisters, her fairy godmother appears and fixes her up for the royal ball. There, she meets the prince and instantly falls in love. In reality, Cinderella would have found a way to give back after she escapes her old life. I think that it is safe to assume that Cinderella never forgot the misery she endured at the hands of her stepfamily. Cinderella would have became a social worker to help as many children as possible escape troubled environments.

2. Aladdin

Aladdin is a poor street urchin that steals in order to survive. He discovers a magical lamp with a genie inside, and is granted three wishes. He uses the genie's power to pose as Prince Ali and wins the heart of the princess. Unfortunately, magic lamps are a a rare commodity. Aladdin's real life occupation would be a business tycoon. Aladdin's main hindrance is that he is poor. He possess street smarts, but needs a positive outlet for them. He would conduct a business plan and secure a business loan. (Maybe he can even be lucky enough to get a small loan of a million dollars?) His business would thrive and he would become wealthier than he can imagine.

3. Rapunzel

Rapunzel's hair has magical properties, which gives it the ability to heal and retain youth. Because of this, Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel at birth and never lets her interact with the outside world. Rapunzel develops a sense of curiosity and adventure despite being locked in a tower all of her life. With her inquisitive nature, Rapunzel would be drawn to the life of a safari guide. Only those who are daring and venturous can handle that lifestyle. Likewise, one has to have a certain tenderness for animals to take that on that task. Her love for animals is demonstrated in how she treats Pascal, her chameleon companion, and Maximus, a palace horse. They know nothing but affection from her hands. Rapunzel would keep tourists coming with her happiness and love for life.

4. Peter Pan

Peter Pan is best known as a cheery and carefree lad. He is never credited for his leadership skills. All of the Lost Boys are extremely loyal to him and follow his commands without question. Out of jealousy, Tinker Bell told the Lost Boys that Peter ordered them to attack Wendy. Without question, the Lost Boys proceeds to ambush Wendy, but is fortunately stopped. The Lost Boys were even given a chance to live a normal family life, but turned it down due to their dedication to Peter. A career that can put his leadership skills in action is a commanding officer in the army. He has unwavering support from his followers and also has combat experience. Peter Pan and Captain Hook have an ongoing rivalry between them because Pan is responsible for Hook losing his hand. With that being said, Peter Pan has shown he has the ability to take charge and lead.

5. Lilo

Lilo finds what she believes to be a strange dog and names him Stitch. Stitch turns out to be the 626th alien experiment by a mad scientist, Jumba. Jumba's other 625 experiments became loose and it fell upon Lillo to find them a home. She thinks of their unique capabilities before finding their perfect home. Her perfect job would be a guidance counselor. As a guidance counselor, Lilo would consult students and try to lead them on the right path, which is similar to what she does with the experiments. She thinks with careful consideration and can relate to those who feel out of place. Lilo was always teased by the other girls for having a different perspective on life. I think we can all agree that Lilo would rock as a guidance counselor.

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