4 Reasons Disney World Is Magical At Any Age

4 Reasons Disney World Is Magical At Any Age

I promise, even at age 30, it'll still be magical.

I have been to Disney World only twice in my life. The first time was when I was only in third grade, and the second time was just last spring break when I was 19 years old. Both times were magical and filled with so many fun things to do. Disney World can be magical at any age and is probably the best place on earth.

One of the best parts of Disney World is how different each of the four parks are. Each one offers something completely different and allows for a totally different experience within each one.

1. Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is probably the most popular of the four parks. It holds the "famous" princess' castle, meet and greet with all of the princesses and many different rides to try. They also have fireworks just about every evening near the castle to enjoy. I went to Magic Kingdom both times during my visit to Disney World and found it amazing each time.

2. Epcot

Epcot is a unique park that is recognizable by the giant globe monument within its park. This park currently features 11 different countries within the park ranging from Mexico, to China to Italy and more in the "World Showcase." The park also has a futuristic feature with rides and attractions to try. When I went in third grade, there was a showcase within the giant globe that acted as a ride.

3. Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is all about the animals if you didn't get that from the park name. They have a little bit more intense rides, safari rides with real animals, and a look into Asia and Africa with their own separate areas. Animal Kingdom also has some really cool night shows, with Broadway attractions and more.

4. Hollywood Studios

When I went to Hollywood Studios in third grade, it was originally called MGM Studios. This park was more geared towards the "thrill-seekers" and those interested in movie making etc. The rides are the more geared towards teens and adults, and you can participate in other activities such as Star Wars attractions, light shows and more.

If you're feeling really adventurous, try all four parks while you're in Florida, and better yet stay at one of their resort hotels and make a whole trip out of it. There are also two waterparks if you are in Disney World during the warmer months to try out. Personally, I have never been to either of the waterparks, but they do look fun.

If you are in California, you can also head to Disneyland. They only have the main park with the princess' castle, as well as an adventure park to try out. And if you're ever in Paris, try Disneyland there as well!

Going in third grade, as well as when I was nearly 20 was magical both times. I plan to head back sometime in my life, and maybe even try out Disneyland in California or Paris if I ever find myself there. Disney World is a bit of an investment if you plan on going, but totally worth it!

Cover Image Credit: Dreamers Do Travels

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Learn Something Valuable From These 7 European Countries

When you are surrounded by chocolate, treat yourself.

America is a big country. So large that some parts of the country are so diverse they may as well be in different worlds, yet, American soil will always have one uniting factor: The American Dream. So, if we have an idea that enables synonymity in our vast country then that means that as different as some American counterparts may seem, we also share much of the same. This is why international travel is so important.

In fact, global traveling is more feasible then some may think, and can help shape your life in tremendous ways. So, here are seven life lessons there are to learn from those other international communities, specifically seven countries from Europe.

1. Spain: Be diverse in your choices

The Spanish are famous for their “tapas”. If you spend time in Spain then you will undoubtedly encounter this diversified little meal. Tapas are essentially small little plates (or tasters) of different dishes. This thereby encourages making choices that consist of variety, reinforcing to those who are creatures of habit to try something new!

2. England: Spend time outdoors

Take a trip to England and you will be surrounded by areas of preserved green space. When walking the streets of London you can expect every other block to be an area reserved for a small community park, not to mention the tremendously large parks in London, like Hyde Park. This dedicated space for outdoor enjoyment encourages people to get out of their homes and go move around in the parks.

3. Belgium: Treat yourself

Oh, the Belgium chocolate. Belgium is world renowned for having excellent, gourmet chocolate. Must I say any more? Treat yourself! With a chocolatier shop on every corner, it’s hard to miss.

4. The Netherlands: Exercise

When people think of Amsterdam, they often think of bicycles. Boy, is that true. Bicycles rule the road in the Netherlands, especially the populated city of Amsterdam. It is not uncommon to see elegantly dressed women, mothers with newborns, or toddlers cycling along the busy streets. Take a page from the Dutch way of life and try using your bicycle as your main mode of transportation.

5. Germany: Learn a foreign language

The German language is a bit abstract to English speakers. Which means if you do not speak German, then you will be playing charades to find your way through the German homeland. Some regions consist of seasoned English speakers, but do not plan on it. Take this as a mental note to learn a new language.

6. Italy: Eat good food

Italian food. Yum. The Italians know how to achieve high-quality life through their beautiful leisurely vacation destinations, fine art scene, and AMAZING FOOD. Take a trip to Italy, eat good food, and come home realizing you should treat your taste buds better then you have.

7. Denmark: Don’t take candy from strangers

Allow me to clarify something: the Danish are very sweet and kind people. Their candy will not actually cause damage to your body in terms of being toxic, but your taste buds will revolt unless you like salted black licorice.

Cover Image Credit: Jazmine Kelleher

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8 Reasons A New York State Of Mind Is The Best, No Questions Asked

Billy Joel had the right idea.

I didn't realize how much being a New Yorker has impacted me. Growing up just outside the city has given me the freedom to take a day trip in whenever I want to experience the madness that is Manhattan, but it also lets me hide away in the comfort of the suburbs.

But, wherever I was, I was in New York. So, coming to college in Pennsylvania meant leaving all of that behind, but my New Yorker mentality stayed with me (thank god) and I've been able to see why people can easily guess where I'm from.

1. We walk with a PURPOSE.

I don't think I'll ever understand slow walkers. When I have to get somewhere, I don't see a point in taking my leisurely time to get there. Needless to say, slow walkers are the bane of my existence.

2. We understand boundaries.

Because NO ONE wants to have an awkward conversation full of small talk in the Starbucks line at 8 in the morning. Or at 3 p.m., or at night. New Yorkers let each other stand there in silence, and there's nothing wrong with that.

3. We give society every invention they didn't know they needed (like edible cookie dough).

You're welcome for every amazing food trend that's ever been created, cool pop up museums and architecture that's perfect for every Instagram picture.

4. We know how to keep a party going all night long.

Your bars close at 1 a.m.? Pshhhhhhhhh.

5. We know how to aggressively get what we want, in a good way (like hailing a taxi).

News flash for everyone else: no Taxi driver is going to drive up to the person kind of looking like they need a ride. They're going to give a ride to the person who aggressively risks their life by standing out in the street.

6. We created a city where it's nearly impossible to get lost.

It's a grid, so any person from any country can understand that.

7. We make the best food, no matter what it is.

Pizza. At all hours of the day. On any corner you want.

8. New Yorkers accept you, no matter who you are.

This is partially part because they don't want to talk to/get to know strangers, but New York accepts you for who you are because they've simply seen it all.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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