A Definitive Ranking Of Disney Princesses From Worst To Best

A Definitive Ranking Of Disney Princesses From Worst To Best

Let's see how Disney's royals stack up against each other!



13. Aurora


Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty, as you probably know her, is arguably the blandest bitch ever committed to animation. "Her" movie is much more about the fairies than her, as she only has about 18 minutes of screentime. Honestly, it's kind of insulting to all the other Princesses who are actually the stars of their respective movies to even call Aurora a Disney Princess.

12. Merida


Does anyone actually like Brave? It's not one of Pixar's finest, and the Princess protagonist, Merida, isn't either. It's a shame because I love her design, it's still really pretty while still being realistic, and her hair game is flawless. But aside from design, Merida has very little to offer to either the Pixar lineup or the Princess lineup.

11. Jasmine


The movie Aladdin isn't even about Jasmine, it's about Aladdin, hence why it's called Aladdin! Jasmine is just the love interest who happens to be a Princess. Honestly, she's one of the weaker Princesses simply because we don't get a lot of time dedicated to her.

10. Belle


Okay, Belle being here on the list is probably going to get me the most shit but hear me out: Belle doesn't undergo any sort of character change throughout the film, Beast does. Of course, Belle is the reason he changes, but HE'S the one with intrigue, he's the one with development, he's the one who learns that beauty is internal. Belle knows this from the start when she doesn't marry Gaston, she why is she going to the castle to learn something she already knows? Isn't that kind of a waste of time for her? I could go on...next Princess!

9. Pocahontas


Pocahontas is something of a badass, not the most badass (cough, cough, Mulan), but there's definitely some hints of a really strong character with her. But the problem is we only get hints of a strong, badass bitch with her, it's not fully realized in her film. However, I can't ignore the effort being made with her, and her beautiful singing voice and design.

8. Rapunzel


Rapunzel set the tone for the ladies of Disney's current era, The Revival. She's spunky, active funny, and quirky. Rapunzel is also naive in sort of an endearing way, and the story behind her hair is really good. She's likable enough that it's just sort of fun to watch her go on an adventure and through a plethora of feelings. Not to mention, Flynn Rider is the BEST Disney Prince, 'nuff said.

7. Tiana


Tiana is a determined self-starter, and those are qualities that should be taught to young girls more frequently. She understands that things just don't happen, you have to work hard for them. And Tiana worked hard for her dream of owning her own restaurant, NOT finding a man, and that's really inspiring. Plus, her outfits were bomb and Naveen was a babe.

6. Moana


Since her film's release, Moana has become something of a fan favorite, and I understand why. She's not like other princesses in terms of design and motivations. I really like that both her design and motivation are realistic, while still embodying the beauty ideals of the Polynesian culture. She's also a badass and one hell of a singer.

5. Snow White


Snow White is the OG, and you don't mess with the OG. Although she's been criticized for being bland, I'd argue that she's the exact opposite. Snow White maintains her kindness and gentle nature while being on the run from a crazy queen who wants to kill her. That's true bravery and grace, and I wish more people realized that.

4. Anna


I really think Anna is a brave, boss bitch who doesn't really get any credit for it. But she consistently gets the shaft in favor of her older sister, Elsa. After all, Anna was the one who set out, by HERSELF, mind you, to save the kingdom and find her sister. If that isn't bravery, I don't know what is.

3. Ariel


This mermaid saved Disney! The girl brought in the Renaissance era and made the company what it is today. However from her despite vast influence, Ariel is also a great character in her own right. She sees what she wants and is willing to do anything to get i, she's determined while also being her unique self. Her design is very different from the Princesses before her but it's still so cute, her singing voice is also breathtaking. Who doesn't sing along to "Part of Your World"?

2. Mulan


It makes me so happy to see that Mulan has been getting all the love she deserves in recent years because she is the definition of a badass. She also teaches kids about honor, humility, sacrifice, and doing what's right, no matter the cost. Also, "Reflection" is such a beautiful and heartfelt song, you can't help but feel for her and identify with the lyrics at the same time. Also, her Matchmaker dress is a totally underrated Disney look. Keep kicking ass, Mulan!

1. Cinderella


There's no denying that Cinderella is the epitome of a Princess, not just because of her dress and design, but because of all the values she embodies. Her story is the ultimate story of hope, proving that if you're a good person, good things will happen to you.

Of course, the glass slippers and the blue dress are of course iconic, they just make us think of Disney magic. Cinderella was such a kind, nurturing person who never lost hope despite being in a terrible situation, and things worked out for her because she never stopped being her lovely self. This gives us hope that someday things will work out for us. Cinderella is both a great character and the best Disney Princess.

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