7 Thoughts You Have When You Prepare For A Trip To Disney

For most people, the idea of going to a Disney Park is super exciting. However, that excitement comes with a significant amount of tiring preparation. There are a lot of things to keep in consideration when getting ready to go to Disney. Here are some of the thoughts that people know all too well when they're about to pay a visit to the Mouse.

1. Where's My Magic Band?

For people who visit Disney more than once, or even just as a souvenir if that's not the case, these little bracelets are worth the investment. They are not only your park ticket for your whole trip, but is your all-access pass if you are staying in the resort. If you have a magic band, you definitely need to remember to have it for your next trip to Disney.

Natasha Trivedi

2. When's The Earliest I Can Get A Fastpass And What Do I Need It For?

Choose Wisely- even though Disney's FastPasses are free, they are limited as to what attractions they can be used for, and you can only get three per day. While you can reserve a FastPass the day of, it's a smart Idea to get them ahead of time for the attractions that you most badly want to experience.

3. Do I Have My Autograph Book?

OK, this one is for the kids, but don't judge me — I like to get the characters' autographs too. It may seem silly, but it's a great way to capture memories.

Natasha Trivedi

4. I Need More Pins.

Because enough is never enough. Whether you trade Disney Pins or you just collect them. you always end up wanting more, no matter how many you already have. It's addictive, but it's fun.

5. Should I Buy Another Pair Of Ears?

Sure, you might already have at least one pair. But seeing all those designs can be super tempting. It's not surprising to end up with two or three pairs of Mickey or Minnie ears.

6. I Have Way Too Many Disney Hats.

I personally have at least four Disney Hats. This doesn't really sound like a problem, but if you're trying to look Disney'd out, These hats make it hard to put together an outfit, since you probably won't be able to decide which one to wear.

Natasha Trivedi


Just like a little kid in a Disney Parks commercial. No matter how old you are, going to Disney is always an exciting experience.

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