12 Disney And Nick Shows I Used To Be Obsessed With
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12 Disney And Nick Shows I Used To Be Obsessed With

And still would be if they still aired on TV.

12 Disney And Nick Shows I Used To Be Obsessed With

Below is a list of 12 shows I used to be obsessed with, and still would be if they still aired on TV.

1. Big Time Rush - You gotta live it big time.

Kendall (the blond) was my favorite. <3

2. Drake & Josh - Hug me brotha.

3. Good Luck Charlie

4. Hannah Montana - Sweet nibblets.

5. House of Anubis

6. iCarly - That explains why I'm eating soup with a fork.

7. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

8. Shake It Up

9. Suite Life on Deck - We're livin' the suite life now.

10. Victorious - What I'm gonna do now is freak the freak out.

11. Wizards of Waverly Place - Fix everything with the slightest of ease? Yes, please.

12. Zoey 101 - Does shopping count as a sport?

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