Disney Movies For Cold Days In

The Christmas Holiday is coming up, so that means lazy days in watching movies and drinking hot cocoa. Here's a list of some of our favorite films to watch when we don't feel like going out into the cold!

1. Beauty and the Beast

This film is perfect for Christmas because it has everything: great music, a heartwarming cast, and a love story.

2. Tangled

This feel-good movie is one that we’ve spent watching with our roommates even before it got cold. The songs are so catchy and the story is even better. You can't help but feel so happy after watching Tangled. Plus, Flynn Rider is a boyfriend goals.

3. Hercules

Nothing puts me in a better mood than singing along to this classic. It's hilarious and so much fun every time to watch again and again!

4. Frozen

What better movie to watch during the cold?

5. Inside Out

This movie is just so adorable and gives you all the feels….of course. We still bawl our eyes out every time we watch it. It’s a great movie to stay in and watch with a group of people since its central themes are home, family, and friendship.

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