What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About Your Personality
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What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About Your Personality

Find the perfect movie to watch while you wait for the Happiest Place on Earth to reopen.

What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About Your Personality
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Everyone has a Disney movie that is their favorite. Whether it's a classic like "The Lion King" or a new film like "Moana", there are so many movies to love.

Your favorite Disney movie may even have something to say about your personality! Is your favorite movie on this list? Maybe you'll learn something new about your personality.

1. If your favorite Disney movie is "Cinderella"...

You probably are not a fan being the center of attention and are comfortable being a wallflower at every event. You also help others at every chance you get, regardless of receiving gratitude. You also have amazing taste in shoes.

2. If your favorite Disney movie is "A Goofy Movie"...


You are a true product of the '90s. While a lot of people may say they're a "'90s kid", you wear that title with pride. You remember having Dunkaroos for every snack and rocking JNCOs on a daily basis.

3. If your favorite Disney movie is "Moana"...

You are strong and independent! You believe in yourself in every situation and know you're destined for great things. You're perfectly content with marching to the beat of your own drum. You're also probably a pretty big "Hamilton" fan.

4. If your favorite Disney movie is "Hercules"...

You're awkward in the most adorable way possible. You were probably a skinny, gangly ginger in high school, but since you hit your junior year, you've suddenly got muscles galore. You don't let it go to your head though because deep down, you still have a good heart.

5. If your favorite Disney movie is "Lilo and Stitch"...

You and your best friend probably get into shenanigans on a regular basis. Sure, people may be embarrassed to be seen with the two of you in public, but at least you're having a good time. Just try not to get kicked out of too many places, okay?

6. If your favorite Disney movie is "Beauty and the Beast"...

Books are your whole life. You'd much prefer the company of a book over the company of people, and you really don't care what they think of you. You also love to travel and want to see more than just the world you know. You're always hungry for adventure.

7. If your favorite Disney movie is "Alice in Wonderland"...

You were most likely the self-proclaimed "quirky kid" in high school and were perfectly content to just spend time just by yourself. You still are, actually. But that's all good, because sometimes living in your imagination is the best place to live.

8. If your favorite Disney movie is "The Nightmare Before Christmas"...

You never really outgrew your emo phase from 2009, and you always love to revisit the things that made your teen years so awesome. You're obsessed with all things Halloween and want to make sure people give it the recognition it deserves before the Christmas season sets in.

9. If your favorite Disney movie is "Lady and the Tramp"...

The place you always want to be is sitting in a windowsill in a New England house, on a Sunday afternoon, curled up with a good book. You love the simple things that make life beautiful and try to see the beauty in everything, whether it's a good breeze or a night under the stars.

10. If your favorite Disney movie is "Frozen"...

Your sister is your best friend, and you two do everything together. Nothing can keep you two apart, and you have an unbreakable bond. One of you is usually calm and reserved like Elsa, and the other one is usually bright and upbeat, like Anna. You're also probably a pretty big fan of "Wicked".

11. If your favorite Disney movie is "The Princess and the Frog"...

You value hard work above everything else. You will stop at nothing to achieve your dreams and make the world a beter place for your family.

12. If your favorite Disney movie is "Snow White"...

You have probably spent all of quarantine either baking or tidying up your house. You're definitely a calming presence in your friend group and seem to make friends with everyone wherever you go. You're also the "mom friend" and are always ready to help people when they need it.

13. If your favorite Disney movie is "Mary Poppins"...

You're also the "mom friend"! Your bag is always stocked with whatever everyone needs, and your poise is unmatched. You're confident in yourself, and you understand the importance of a "spoonful of sugar" whenever someone needs it.

14. If your favorite Disney movie is "The Little Mermaid"...

You're at least a choir kid, and you're probably a theatre kid, too. You're an independent person and a free spirit. You aren't afraid of getting into trouble every now and then, but somehow things always work out for you.

15. If your favorite Disney movie is "Aladdin"...

You're still trying to find your place in the world, but you're a lot more special than you know. You also have a great sense of humor and you lean on your friends for support through everything.

16. If your favorite Disney movie is "Peter Pan"...

You love all things British and playful. You probably had a crush on Peter Pan at some point in your life (If you still do, I won't judge you.) and wanted to run away with him like Wendy. You are a dreamer, and you keep your head in the clouds more than you keep your feet on the ground.

17. If your favorite Disney movie is "Tangled"...

You are very artsy! You are a free spirit, and you love everything about the world and always want to try something new. To you, every day is the Best! Day! Ever!

18. If your favorite Disney movie is "101 Dalmatians"...

With you, when it comes to dogs, enough is never enough. You love puppies and would just love to spend all day cuddling them. You definitely wouldn't mind if your house had more dogs in it than people.

19. If your favorite Disney movie is "The Lion King"...

Much like people who love "The Little Mermaid", you are also probably a theatre kid. You love sing-alongs in the car with your friends, and you love to live a carefree life.

20. If your favorite Disney movie is "Winnie the Pooh"...

Your childhood shaped so much of who you are as a person and is still a huge part of your life. You are a loving person and are just content with some quiet time in the woods. And maybe you've held on to some of your childhood stuffed animals, for old times sake.

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