Congratulations, you just got accepted to the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World!

Now here’s one of the first big decisions you have to make: opt in to College Program (CP) housing, or find your own place? On both of my programs, I chose CP housing, and it was definitely the right choice for me.

Whether you end up in Vista Way, Chatham Square, The Commons, or Patterson Court, here are six perks of living in CP housing.

1. The Buses

Do you not have a car? Do you have a car, but have no idea how you’re going to get it from your house to Florida? Are you concerned about struggling to find a parking spot when you get to work? Worry not – there is a bus system that takes you directly from CP housing to any Disney Parks and Resorts location. The buses free you from worrying about parking fees or about finding your car again after a long day of park- or resort-hopping.

2. The Furnishings

Every CP apartment is already furnished, with everything from beds and dressers to tables and chairs. The kitchen is stocked with pots and silverware, too! You’re welcome to supplement the apartment’s offerings with your own belongings, but you don’t have to work a trip to IKEA into your already hectic move-in schedule.

3. Automatic Rent

When I started my CP, I had never had to pay rent before. I was worried about forgetting to make payments or accidentally spending so much money that I didn’t have enough to make rent. But when you live in CP housing, the rent comes directly out of your paycheck! The payments are automatic, so you don’t have to worry about missing them, and the amount of money that ends up in your checking account is free for you to spend or save as you wish. Also, utilities are included in the rent!

4. Events

When you’re a CP, you have access to all kinds of awesome events, most of which are based in CP housing! Attend a networking event in the Commons Clubroom to get a head start on your career, a seminar in Patterson Court’s classrooms to learn about the Disney company, a movie marathon in the Vista Way Learning Center to enjoy your favorite Disney films, or a welcome party in Chatham Square Field to meet your neighbors and dance the night away.

5. Service Center

Another thing I was worried about when I started my CP was not having anyone in the area I knew I could turn to for advice. Florida is about a thousand miles from home for me! But where I might not feel comfortable turning to a landlord, I had my housing property’s Service Center. That’s where you go with any questions you might have about anything, from maintenance requests, to networking help, to general life advice. The Service Center is there to help! They also have rentable cleaning supplies, and there’s always a plate of cookies on the desk.

6. Roommates

This might just be the best part about living in CP housing. You might be coming to Florida knowing nobody, but you’ll find yourself living with people from not only all over the nation but all over the world! Whether you choose to let the random number generator pick your roommates or you go searching through the various roommate-finding Facebook groups that pop up before every CP, you could be about to find some new lifelong friends. I know I was!