It's 2007. You're watching TV. The music starts playing. Kids start jumping around. A Disney Channel Original Movie is about to start. It's a good day.

These DCOMs were always so adventurous. All the teenagers were so talented and cool. They had such unique lives and it made us all want to grow up and experience life.

We watched Lizzie McGuire go to Rome for graduating middle school. Not only was she on the trip of a lifetime with her best friend Gordo, but she was mistaken for a famous Italian singer. She was got swept away by the famous Paolo, while impersonating Isabella, the pop star she was mistaken for. What a time to be alive.

We watched the mischievous Zack and Cody terrorize the manager of the fancy hotel they lived in. They caused trouble, made friends with the staff, and took serious advantage of the fabulous Tipton hotel. They took us by storm with two TV shows and a movie!

We watched Marnie fight with her mother about Halloween and why they can't join in on the festivities, only to find out her grandmother was a witch. Not only did she have a witch in her bloodline, but her grandmother was intent on training young Marnie the ways of a witch!

We watched a group of high schoolers struggle with their love of singing. We watched Troy and Gabriella fall in love, while Sharpay took the drama department by storm every single year.

We watched Miley Stewart live a double life on TV and in her movie for her hometown visit, trying to balance school and her secret popstar lifestyle. Luckily, she always had the help of her best friends, Lily and Oliver, and her goofy brother, Jackson.

Basically, every single movie featured AT LEAST one person who had incredible musical talent. There were so many singers and instrument players, and kudos to all of you for being that talented in high school.

All amazing movies. All great plot lines.

But where did the producers come up with this stuff?

Let me tell you, Disney Channel gave me some false hope for growing up. These teens lived very glamorous lives. I mean, like, where was my trip to Rome in middle school?!?

Nonetheless, you can never go wrong watching a DCOM, even if it gives you false hope for what life will bring.