As a 90s or 2000s baby, you grew up with most if not all of these shows. I remember coming home from school, grabbing my favorite snack and being glued to the TV until I was told to do my homework. Then when your mom or dad took the remote from you, you'd be so upset if you didn't get to see how the Disney character managed to get itself out of trouble. These shows need to be put on Netflix so we can relive our childhood and watch the best of the best Disney Channel shows.

1. "Hannah Montana"

hannah montana

If you were a girl in the early 2000's you were glued to the TV when Miley Cyrus starred as Miley Stewart by day and Hannah Montana by night. We had all the albums, knew all the lyrics and most of the dance moves to every single one of her songs. It really was a time to be alive.

2. "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/The Suite Life on Deck"

suite life of zack and cody

The Sprouse twins have been turning heads since 2005 as they ran around the Tipton Hotel constantly getting into trouble with Maddie and London, by Mr. Moseby. The hotel was their playground and it was an adventure watching their jokes and bad pranks.

3. "Wizards of Waverly Place"

wizards of waverly place

It was always interesting watching Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) and her two brothers, Justin and Max navigate everyday teenage challenges while also learning how to figure out powers, spells and crazy situations as they try to master being wizards.

4. "That's So Raven"

thats so raven

It is guaranteed that the theme song to this show will get stuck in your head. Raven Baxter is not an ordinary girl, she can see into the future. With the help of her friends Eddie and Chelsea, they are able to change the outcome of life's small situations.

5. "Lizzie McGuire"

lizzie mcguire

I think "Lizzie McGuire" was the most relatable show if you were a middle schooler. Her classes are full of drama, everyone is in competition with one another and on top of that, she has to deal with her annoying little brother, Matt and nosey mom. She always has something on her mind and if you don't know what it is, her animated alter ego will be sure to tell you.

6. "Cory in the House"

cory in the house

Based in Washington D.C., Corey Baxter takes over the White House with his buddies after his dad gets names head chef to President Martinez.

8. "Jonas"

jonas brothers

We all grew up listening to Kevin, Joe and Nick jam as the Jonas Brothers, but we never saw a show coming surrounding the band and their everyday lives. We get to watch them on tour or at their home in New Jersey and of course, listen to all of their original songs on the show.

9. "Kim Possible"

kim possible

"Kim Possible" looks like every other teenage girl, but what people don't know is in her spare time she saves the world from supervillains. With the help of her buddy Ron Stoppable, his pet Rufus and her webmaster Wade, they can defeat anything.

10. "Good Luck Charlie"


P.J., Teddy, and Gabe think they have life made until their mother has a little girl and flips the house upside down. When the mom goes back to work, the dad and siblings are in charge of making sure everything stays in order. Teddy documents the whole adventure with a diary through the lens of her camera.

10. "The Proud Family"

proud family

Such a classic! As Penny Proud starts to become a teenager, gain her independence and face junior-high, Penny has the support of her parents and grandma as they help her laugh her way through life.