Technology Is Ruining Special Moments And Memories
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Technology Prevents Pictures From Being Worth A Thousand Words

Are you being true to yourself?

Technology Prevents Pictures From Being Worth A Thousand Words

Life is short. We all know that.

As much as we don't want to accept the fact that we should be living every day to the fullest, it is true and something we should always remember. This harsh reality isn't what we all want to be thinking about on a daily basis, so instead, we should just remind ourselves from time to time.

Our day-to-day errands, duties, technology, and tasks get in the way of people just sitting down, taking a breath, and living in the moment. Technology is what this society thrives off of. It has truly taken over the world and the way people think or do things. Unfortunately, in today's day and age, we have allowed technology to take over our daily lives a little too much.

We all have heard the saying that pictures are worth a thousand words. I used to always believe that to be true, which is why I tend to always take pictures at certain moments in time. This summer, a certain question came about: Do pictures actually tell a thousand words? Or do they just make it look like we are having the time of our lives?

Every form of social media allows pictures, videos, you name it to be posted online for the world and your followers to see. This wanting and desire to portray yourself one way online when in reality you actually live a completely different life is a prominent issue today.

Social media has its good aspects, but it also has its bad. These applications make society want to be something it's not, which in turn leads to people not being able to disconnect from their phones as it slowly eats away at their self-confidence.

We can all admit to one time we decided to post a picture of something to make ourselves look better; to make ourselves look like we were having the time of our lives when in reality all we wanted to do was go home or leave. This tendency society has to hide behind screens is something that makes many people question if that person is having fun. Is that person actually happy? Is that person being true to themselves?

These questions won't ever have answers, because one will never know.

Seeing social media posts of people partying, going on vacations, and smiling makes us all believe that the individual in the photo is living his or her best life when deep down you don't know what that person may be going through. These pictures people are posting often don't accurately represent what is going on at that moment in time, and the words coming off it are completely incorrect.

On vacations, we all love to take pictures, but sometimes we forget that we don't have our cellular devices just to take pictures. This constant need society has to always be next to or on the phone is simply unhealthy. Think about it: In 10 years, do you want all of your memories from your vacation or birthday party to just be staring at your phone? Later on in life, we want to remember these moments that will last forever, but with the use of cell phones, it's becoming more difficult.

Pictures tend to make people have a longer memory of those certain moments, but if you don't allow yourself to take those few pictures and call it a day, these pictures won't have memories behind them. There will simply be no substance to it.

Next time you are at an event or even studying with a friend, try to veer away from your phone. Don't even take any pictures - just simply be in the moment. If you allow yourself to do just that, you'll most likely have more fun and gain way more substance than you would by just sitting on your phone.

Every time you pick your phone up, you are losing another memory that could be made because you are so distracted by whatever is so important on your device that you won't even realize what's going on around you.

Take this information and run with it.

Disconnect from all forms of technology. Live in the moment. And make memories that aren't just on your phone.

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