Dirty Laundry And Other Adult Stuff

College is a time where kids get away from their hometowns and experience the most freedom they've ever had. We get so excited when it is our senior year of high school because we know college is just around the corner.

One thing most of us do not think about when excitedly anticipating college is the responsibilities that come with that freedom.

The first time you do your own laundry is a big deal. Seriously.

Sure you did laundry as a "chore" when you lived at home. Okay, we both know you did it because your mom *strongly* encouraged you to. But laundry once you are on your own is different.

Laundry is the last thing on your mind the first month of living on your own. You are enjoying going out, staying out as late as you want, and eating out whenever you want.

After your first couple of months, you get a major wake-up call. Laundry is piled up everywhere, all of your cereal bowls and underwear are dirty, you're on your last pack of ramen noodles, and you have -$3 in your bank account.

Darn, I forgot that rent was coming out of my checking account last week.
How did I run out of ramen?

Was that dishwasher here when I moved in?

Gosh I didn't know being an adult was so much work.

Once you hit this point, you resolve to "never get this bad again."

You start attempting to be more responsible and even loosely create a budget. You cook ( burn) your first meal at home instead of going through the drive-thru at Taco Bell.

This is like setting a New Year's Resolution, though. Inevitably, you're gonna make the same mistakes again.

This doesn't make you "bad" or "wrong." It makes you human.

You're gonna forget to wash the dishes, vacuum the floor, and spend more money than you should. But its okay. This is college. You're not gonna get this whole adult thing right on the first try.

Life is about living and learning. So appreciate the little things, make changes for the better little by little, make sure to have fun, and don't forget to call your mom.

Oh, and you should probably go do your laundry.

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