8 Reasons Why Dirty Dancing Should Be Your Favorite Movie
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8 Reasons Why Dirty Dancing Should Be Your Favorite Movie

How could I miss out on a steamy boy in a leather jacket and a dramatic love story of teenage angst and rauchy dancing?

8 Reasons Why Dirty Dancing Should Be Your Favorite Movie

My aunt had always raved about her favorite movie “Dirty Dancing” and the life-size poster of Patrick Swayze she had above her bed when she was thirteen. I had to see this movie for myself because how could I miss out on a steamy boy in a leather jacket and a dramatic love story of teenage angst and raunchy dancing? Naturally, I was hooked. There is no reason anyone should ever say they haven’t seen this movie, and if you are about to say it, go on Netflix right now and do yourself a favor and watch it.

1. Patrick Swayze

It pains me to say this, but Patrick Swazye wasn’t actually supposed to be Johnny. I can’t quite get my ahead around this, because this movie wouldn’t be the hit it was without his “sway” moves and that tough guy look. He was the ultimate sex symbol in this film and there’s a reason he was named the “sexiest man alive” in 1991, come on ladies. We miss you, Patrick!

2. It deals with real-life experiences

This movie actually deals with real shit. Not only do we see the controversy between the snobby rich boys and poor little Johnny, but we get a real glimpse of an unplanned pregnancy and an abortion. Yikes!

3. “Nobody puts baby in a corner”

This is the best scene in the movie, aside from the famous lift. The way Johnny stands up for baby, oh my oh my. This was the ultimate sign of love and respect, and it’s obviously famous for a reason. Now go baby, it’s your time to shine!

4. If baby can, you can

Anytime you think you can’t dance, just remember baby learned those moves quicker than I can carry a watermelon to a party and back — “Dirty Dancing” pun intended.

5. Music to my ears

The way the music makes me feel is something else. The timeless “Lover boy” scene is everything I ever wanted, and I think is the true turning point of Baby’s sex appeal making a boom!

6. No one’s parents are perfect

Baby really shows us that even the good girls go bad. She did show, though, that we always get caught! And it doesn't hurt that Daddy is Jerry Orbach in our favorite, "Law and Order."

7. The 60’s make a comeback

I’ve always wanted to live in another era, but nothing intrigued me more about the 60's fashion than this movie, and quite frankly, they're making a bit of a comeback. Who knew that Jennifer Gray’s short shorts and body suits would be the entire buzz this season.

8. Always have your sibling's back

No one had her sister's back more when Baby supported her sister Lisa, and didn’t throw her off the stage during her performance of the “Hula Hana of Kamana Whala Hula Bay."

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