How To Take Your Fundraising Efforts Digital: Tips For College Students
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How To Take Your Fundraising Efforts Digital: Tips For College Students

Raising money for your club or event is tricky mid-pandemic. Here are a few ways to take your fundraising efforts digital.

How To Take Your Fundraising Efforts Digital: Tips For College Students

Student organizations make your college experience more fulfilling. You can use them to meet friends and discover what you're passionate about, but only if those groups have enough funding to operate. Universities don't often fully fund campus groups, so it's helpful to take your fundraising efforts digital.

These are a few simple tips for college students who want to adapt their fundraising efforts. Whether you're dealing with local pandemic-related health restrictions or have hybrid-learning members, you can raise money for any cause by using ideas like these.

1. Host a Trivia Night

Who doesn't love attending trivia night? People enjoy testing their knowledge and helping their team win big. Announce the theme of your upcoming trivia night and sell virtual tickets. Anyone who attends will get the secret meeting link after their purchase goes through.

You can also post your donation link in the chat during the event or mention it throughout the evening. People will buy tickets to have fun with their friends and help you pay for whatever goal your student organization has in mind.

2. Give Them the Mic

Open mic nights don't have to wait until you can gather in person again. Invite everyone to take the virtual stage after buying fundraising tickets or donating a suggested fee. Attendees can perform stand-up comedy, read poetry or even sing.

Don't forget to ask everyone to submit their ideas ahead of time or send a performance recording if they want to participate. You'll have more control over the night's topics and how long the event will run.

3. Assign Virtual Table Captains

If you're daydreaming about hosting a gala, look no further than your laptop. Your student organization can sell tickets to an online gala with unique entertainment like performances by people in your club. The night's success will depend on your virtual table captains.

Traditional gala hosts assign volunteers to chat with attendees and convince them to make donations. Although you can't do that in-person, virtual table captains get a list of attendees and chat with them online for the same purpose. It also helps streamline the night's fundraising goals by giving everyone specific instructions on how they can pitch in.

4. Provide a Cooking Lesson

College students are notorious for still having a lot to learn in the kitchen. Your organization can provide a cooking lesson for your fundraising event. Get a good camera, a sturdy tripod stand and helpful lighting so everyone can watch the demonstration and follow along at home.

Don't worry if you're not sure how to find technical equipment within your group's budget. There are plenty of ways to get high-quality tech without spending tons of money. Look around online to compare discounts and markdown pricing on sites that sell used products. You'll get exactly what your group needs for this upcoming event and any others that follow.

5. Paint Something Together

If your organization partners with the art department, ask a professor to donate their time for a fundraising painting class. It's a fun way for people to relax and practice a new skill. Once you sell all your tickets or get a final headcount for attendees, ship supplies to their addresses or ask everyone to pick up what they need in a designated room within the art department.

6. Schedule a Guest Speaker

Does your university have famous alumni? They may want to give back by volunteering as a guest speaker for your fundraiser. Even if the person is only a local celebrity, they could still help you sell more tickets or raise additional funds by adding their name to your marketing materials. See which alumni publicly support causes or groups similar to yours to improve your odds of booking a famous guest speaker.

7. Make Sweets for Bake Sales

Hosting a virtual bake sale could be a great way to raise money. People crave sweets around stressful exam periods and holidays, so time your baking wisely. Post what you plan to make and create auction links for each baked good. When your event's deadline arrives, announce the winners.

Ask everyone in your group to bake a popular recipe, and you'll have more chances to raise additional funds. All you have to do is safely deliver the baked goods to the winners after your auction. Contact each winner to see if they'd prefer to pick up their sweets at a common area on campus or have them dropped off at their front doors.

8. Give Away Raffle Prizes

College students love winning things, so arrange a collection of raffle prizes and sell tickets. Whoever buys the most tickets and submits them for a particular price could win it by a specific deadline. It's another way to give people what they need or want in exchange for donations. Get gift cards from local restaurants, grocery stores or retail shops that are popular with people on your campus to draw in more participants.

Take Your Fundraising Efforts Digital

Now that you know how to take your fundraising efforts digital, you can create a successful event. Whether you want to sell baked goods, host an open mic night or do something artsy as a group activity, you'll find creative ways to collect donations and continue your student organization.

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