How To Date Someone Who Has A Different Music Taste Than You

What It’s Like When You And Your S.O Have Completely Different Music Tastes

"Music is the voice of the soul."

Music is one of those things that I cannot do without. There is nothing like listening to a song and singing the words out or even just listening because you like the beat.

Another thing that I cannot do without is my S.O. We get along so well and our relationship has been going strong as ever for half a decade. But the one place where we clash is music taste.

My S. O. loves rock 'n roll, heavy metal, and grunge. Occasionally, he does listen to “real rap" (as he calls it) and never fails to blast To Pimp A Butterfly, his favorite album by Kendrick Lamar.

I listen to pretty much everything. I love rap, country, pop, rock 'n roll, and I'll even listen to some heavy metal once in a while. I like to dance and sing and he just doesn't like music that is the same genre as me.

When one of us pull out the speaker, we just look at each other and hope they play something we are in the mood to listen to. But truth is, this happens very rarely.

Thankfully, having different music tastes does not affect our relationship or our feelings that we have for each other. But it does affect the music that we are listening to when we are together.

As I said, I do love music and I will listen to anything. He is so adamant about the significance of “good music" and lyrical and vocal talent and its presence in the songs that he is listening to.

I do enjoy listening to music, such as those by Hippie Sabotage and Flume. You could say that I like the sounds and the way that the rhythm flows. My S. O. does not like this type of music, at all, and is extremely annoyed by it. I understand, knowing it is not for everyone. Meanwhile, his grunge/punk music annoys me, too. To me, the singing voices are weird and there is not much sound to listen and dance to.

There are those times when one of us really does want to listen to a specific song. At those points, we do suck it up for the sake of the other. Sometimes, you just really need to get that song out of your head.

While having different music tastes than my S. O. is really not that big of a deal, it can definitely be a little tough when he wants to play a song that I do absolutely do not like and vice versa. Car rides are a compromise that we are both willing to engage in because, well, we both love music. Our love for the art runs just a little different as opposed to the other.

Reaching a compromise is something that a relationship should be all about when it comes to disagreements. It's both okay and normal to have differing perspectives, but how it's dealt with it is what matters.

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