My New Relationship Didn't Give Me What I Wanted, But Exactly What I Needed
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My New Relationship Didn't Give Me What I Wanted, But Exactly What I Needed

The best things in life are usually never what you thought you wanted, but they end up being the most amazing things that you never knew you needed.

My New Relationship Didn't Give Me What I Wanted, But Exactly What I Needed

Another ending to another school year, throwing us right into the summer. Last summer, I ended things by saying "Why does the summer have to end, now I have to wait another 365 days." I didn't think the people who I said that to wouldn't be standing next to me today. I was aware that a year can change a few things, but I didn't think it would change my whole life.

The other night, I paused and pondered about the way things were left off last summer. Did I think I would be in a totally different place right now? Absolutely not. Am I over the top happy I am in that different place? Absolutely.

My friend group and dynamics have changed, but everything is for the better. I have been closer to people that deserve to know me on a deeper level than those who have just used me for their entertainment. I thought last summer was so great, but then I started thinking about how many rollercoasters I have been on over the past year.

A year ago, my life was filled with "fake love" and dishonesty. Overall, it was an emotional rollercoaster, but most importantly, I was an emotional wreck. I remember I didn't want to leave and go back to college. I told myself, "I will give it one more try." I made the best decision I ever made without other people interfering.

I started to get more involved in my sorority and school events and even met a boy who showed me what respect, honesty and being caring is really about. I thought life was supposed to be hard and have all these big, dramatic scenes. I was so wrong. He showed me that having any type of relationship with someone should be fun, easy, and put a smile on your face without you having to try.

Once in a blue moon do we come head-on with a problem, but we take care of it through confrontation and communication. Even though we act like kids having a good time when we are together, I never felt more confident in saying, "This is what maturity feels like."

Meeting you was out of nowhere, and I am so glad that both of us decided to go out of our comfort zone.

"They say that good things take time. But really great things happen, In the blink of an eye" — Miley Cyrus.

Never would I ever think I would blatantly say "I am excited to see what this summer is going to hold and have a feeling it will top last summer in any shape or form." But, it's what I feel, and I'm so glad to have reached this point.

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