May 24th, 2019 at 7:00 pm, was my breakthrough. That was my day to finally say all my late nights, asking other students for homework answers, and "teacher pet" moves were worth it. Also on that day, the feelings were off. I was excited and nervous. See, life tends to do that. It tends to give people great moments but leaves him or her awkwardly and unintentionally emotionally confused. How does one know that he or she has officially graduated from the first level which is high school?

Well, the first evidence is not having to set alarms for the purpose of making it to school on time. No more beating the clock to 8:00 am's and no more watching the clock to 3:15's. The freedom of waking up whenever is bliss unless a person has parents like mines and does not allow me to sleep past 10:00 am. I guess that's a good thing, but sis needs her sleep. The second evidence is no more waiting on bells in school to move to the next room. No more teachers in the hallway yelling "get to class" and no more seeing couples make out in the hallway. By the way EWW!

Also, there's no more gross school breakfast or lunch. No more school lunch dues or library dues. Not having to deal with these unnecessities of high school cuts down on stress, which is the third evidence of being officially graduated from high school. There is no more unnecessary stress. For example, I get better and longer sleep so I feel like myself more often. I don't have to choose between eating or finishing up my essay. I don't have to choose whether to take my shower at night, after my homework, or wake up early to take one. There's simply no more over thinking and simple stress. So to all my graduates, sit back, enjoy the simple things, and live it up!